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Worm Farming

Updated on September 10, 2014

Fishing Worms Or Worm Composting

Worms for fishing are very common, and there are several hundred species you can use and a few are named here in this article.

Meal worms actually are beetles that are still in the larva life stage. They are real high in protein and and are often used as fishing bait.

The night crawler is used for catching many types of fish including bass, carp, trout, catfish, sunfish, walleye, and many other freshwater fish. Night crawlers are a form of earthworms.

Bait shops will keep many types of worms refrigerated to ensure that the worms are not left in heat conditions they cannot tolerate. Live worms sometimes are favored, or been changed in color, because they wriggle, smell and taste good to fish.

Fishermen enjoy the crawlers more because of its size being larger than the smaller earth worms. They can be easily secured to a fish hook, and stays lively while submerged in water for several minutes.

Red worms, also known as wrigglers, are a smaller type of earthworm used more for fishing for trout, bluegill, perch or crappie. They are more commonly used bait by beginners because they can survive in higher temperatures if left in the sun. These are good for the children to

use also because of their small size, sometimes perhaps reducing any fear factor they may have.

Others are, blood worms, butter worms, meal worms, and wax worms to name a few.

Night Crawlers

If you have a well established lawn area they may be plentiful in this area. If you seek them out at night, a flashlight with low light by defusing works well. They will come out after dark and be present on the surface enough for you to spot and capture. Move very slowly so as not to spook them so the quickly retreat into their hole.

Upon grasping the crawler between your fingers, do not pull hard to extract them from their hole, this will cause damage to the body. A steady even pull upon the night crawler will work best for extraction from its hole. Many times after a heavy rain they will be fully out of their hole and be laying in the open for the picking.

Red Worms
Red Worms

Where Worms Live

Worms live where there is food, moisture, oxygen and a favorable temperature. If they don't have these things you will not find them in this area.

Worms bore deeply into the soil and bring subsoil closer to the surface mixing it with the topsoil. The slime they secrete contains nitrogen. Nitrogen is an important nutrient for plants therefore worms are a good thing to have in your garden or flower beds.

This sticky slime helps to holds soil particles together in formations called aggregates.

In one acre of land, there can be more than a million earthworms. They have both male and female properties so can reproduce them self with ease. This may explain why there are so many worms for fishing and other desirable needs for there presents.


Earth Worms

Compost materials are one great source to help raise a steady supply of worms for gardens, lawns and of course fishing. This is a way to provide fishing baits and compose for your lawn or garden area at the same time.

Earthworms aerate the soil, and increase the humus content of the soil when they turn dead plant matter into earthworm castings. Furthermore, earthworms are a good food source for toads and birds, which also are beneficial to your lawn, plants and gardens.

Attract earthworms to your garden and lawn and watch it thrive.

Before baiting a hook with any kind of fishing worms you ought to make certain that the worms are as lively as possible. This will improve your chance of catching the fish.

Worms Senses

Even though worms don't have eyes they can sense light especially at their front end.

They move away from light and will become paralyzed if exposed to light for too long. This also may be the reason you can pick them up in the sidewalks, driveways or on the ground after a big rain. They get driven from the moisture level then paralyzed by the light exposure. If their skin drys out they die quickly. This is the easy way to get worms for fishing.

If you have ever tried to capture a few night crawlers from your yard with a flashlight then you understand what I am saying.

Worm Compost

The benefits of worm compost are many. It can be used around house plants or your garden area.

In addition to providing a great source of materials for your plants they also eat up lots of garbage.


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