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Finally -- A Comparison of The JawSaw And The Alligator Lopper. Which Is Best?

Updated on May 15, 2015

A Comparison of The JawSaw and The Alligator Lopper, Which Is Best?

Both saws are available in electric and battery powered models.

For my use, I wanted a battery powered tool because I had an orchard that needed trimming and pruning.

The JawSaw by Worx, is American Made in the great state of North Carolina

The Alligator Lopper by Black & Decker, is American made as well, in the great state of Maryland

Let's Start With Some Comparisons of The Two

Battery or Electric?

I have a ten acre property and an electric powered model was out of the question

Price was not the driving factor either, (although I did want to get a good price.) I just wanted specific answers before I purchased. I really wanted to know the nuts and bolts of them both. I compare most anything I buy anyway.

The picture is of the battery powered JawSaw model.

The Test Comparisons

To be fair, I own several Black and Decker tools and I have had good service from all of them. I wasn't looking for positives from the Alligator Lopper, I was looking for negatives on the JawSaw.

What I found was just the opposite of my search intentions.

How do they stack up against one another in Real World use?

In the picture and you can see the first difference.

Using the Alligator Lopper requires bending and twisting to be able to cut branches on the ground or down low, the JawSaw does not

Competitive Comparisons:

----Charge time----

( 1 ) My JawSaw battery takes just ONE hour with the quick charger, (see above), while the Alligator Lopper takes 8 hours.

Other stuff:

( 2 ) The battery life on my JawSaw (so far), is just over an hour of use, whereas the Alligator battery life was (according to all of the reviews) is as low as 10-25 minutes.You would need two spare batteries just to do what my JawSaw does.

The single unanimous complaint about the Alligator Lopper was Battery life (ALL user's reviews listed the battery life from very poor to non-existent.)

( see number 7 below) as well as *UPDATE in the: "In Closing" block

( 3 ) Chain tension on the JawSaw is adjusted automatically, while the Alligator Lopper doesn't.

( 4 ) The oiler on my JawSaw is easy to fill and even has a clear plastic window to see when the oil is low.

( 5 ) My JawSaw chain and blade are completely enclosed, the Black & Decker Alligator is not

( 6 ) My JawSaw has a Lithium 20V battery, the B/D Alligator uses a NiCad 18V battery.


( 7 ) The Battery life has actually extended on my JawSaw with repeated charging and use. According to the reviews of the Black & Decker Alligator? The 18V NiCad battery does not......and takes nearly eight times as long to charge.

On a side note, if price is one of your considerations, the 18V Alligator Lopper Battery costs $40.00 more than the more powerful 20V JawSaw Battery!!!

The JawSaw is the real deal

This tool is as advertised. My small orchard, consists of Apple, Cherry, Pear and Plum trees. They all need pruning and trimming. As an example, branch cleanup after a storm or in the spring, to cutup any branches broken by snow and ice or even damage from Deer and Elk that bed down near our barn and love my orchard.

After reading the reviews on both, I purchased the JawSaw by Worx. (see below)

Why Buying a Backup Battery Is Important

Worx WA3520 20-Volt 1.5 Amp Hour MaxLithium Battery – PowerShare Battery Platform and Replacement Battery
Worx WA3520 20-Volt 1.5 Amp Hour MaxLithium Battery – PowerShare Battery Platform and Replacement Battery

Buy a back up Battery? If you are like me and once you are working, you don't stop till you're done? Fear not because in case you need a recharge while using your JawSaw? Buy a spare battery and you can simply change batteries and continue working. I bought one and I don't have to wait for the first one to charge while I work.

Evaluation: Eliminate charge time while working. Buy a spare, at under 35 bucks, you know you want one. Besides, I have spares for my drill, hedge trimmer and skill saw, why not this tool?


The 'Quick Charger' Is The Answer For Shorter Charging Times

WORX WA3847 20-Volt Lithium Quick Charger for 20-Volt Max WA3520 and WA3525 Batteries
WORX WA3847 20-Volt Lithium Quick Charger for 20-Volt Max WA3520 and WA3525 Batteries

If you want a fast charge for your battery, you need the quick charger because it does the job in under an hour.

Evaluation: It's hard to beat a charger that drops the recharge time down to under an hour. Get yours today.


The Perfect Yard Tool For Nearly Every Trimming Need

Like many people, before I bought the JawSaw, I used a chain saw to cut up fallen tree branches or to trim those branches on the trees around the yard and in my small orchard on my property. A chain saw is made to cut up logs, not trim branches and small trees.

That's where the JawSaw comes in.

See the pieces of cut wood neatly stacked in the picture? That's an example of the size of cuts it can make. If the piece of wood to be cut fits in between the jaws, it can be cut safely.

No more dull chains

When a branch is down on the ground, you have to stop, place something under the branch, so that you can cut it without letting your chain saw blade hit the dirt. Hitting the dirt dulls not only the chain, but pulls dirt into the grooves of the bar that the chain rides in, wearing it out early. In the picture, the JawSaw blade and chain are not exposed. They retract up inside the upper jaw until needed, thus giving them more protection and help maintain the cutting edge of the chain.

Why write a review?

I decided to write this Review NOT because I wanted to say anything bad about the Alligator Lopper. I wrote this comparison of the JawSaw and the Alligator Lopper, which is best because there are so many reviews out there claiming this or that, and........

I simply wanted people to hear from an actual user about some of my real world experiences using the JawSaw. The good and the bad. The problem? I have found no bad as yet to report. (after nearly two year's)

Is the JawSaw not the best ever tool for yard work or what?

I can honestly say, I wish I had bought one sooner

The Lithium Powered Cordless JawSaw

Worx WG320 JawSaw 20V PowerShare Cordless Electric Chainsaw with Auto-Tension
Worx WG320 JawSaw 20V PowerShare Cordless Electric Chainsaw with Auto-Tension

This is the Battery Powered JawSaw. No negatives after two years and it's extremely easy and safe to use. My orchard starts about an acre and a half from the house and is much too far away to run an extension cord.

Evaluation: The 20 V Lithium Battery out performs the 18V NiCad batteries as well as exceeding even my expectations. If you want dependability and long battery life like I do? Buy the JawSaw.


The JawSaw Is The World's Safest Chain Saw

The picture to the right is a standard chainsaw. The chain and bar are completely exposed

Anyone who uses or has ever used a chain saw knows that nicking the dirt with your chain saw is bad for not only the chain, but dirt is kicked up into the bar that the chain rides on, causing unnecessary wear on the grooves that support the chain as it turns. Eventually ruining it.

Would you like an alternative? Would you like something that not only stops that from ever happening, but actually prolongs chain and bar life? Would you buy something if it were ultimately safer to use than a chain saw, but is every bit as capable? If you answered yes to any of these questions, I have the solution.

The Worx JawSaw takes the 'work' out of yard work.

In Closing today - I love this tool

The JawSaw With An Extension

Worx WG321 20V PowerShare Cordless Electric Chainsaw with Extension Pole
Worx WG321 20V PowerShare Cordless Electric Chainsaw with Extension Pole

Want to buy the battery powered JawSaw with the extension handle?Everything you need in one complete package.

Evaluation: A great all in one tool if you need the capability to reach high to trim those hard to reach branches or you don't like bending over.


The JawSaw is definitely a CampingmanNW RECOMMENDATION

For Trimming Hedges

I have an Arborvitae hedge surrounding the side and back yard, that needs trimming every fall. This hedge, huge, bushy trees today, are in excess of 20 feet tall. They have also grown together in a nearly impenetrable hedge Some of the branches are easily 4 inches across Trimming used to be a job I hated and now it's a simple job with the extension arm for my JawSaw.

Trimming Cedar Trees and Blackberry vines

We have Cedar trees throughout our property which (if you know Cedar) have weak limb structure and branches break all of the time. Add to that, cutting down a host of blackberry bushes that grow uninvited along the property borders. If the blackberry vines were left unattended, they would easily take over the fence lines and/or the property like something out of a Stephen King Novel. My JawSaw gets a real workout and has surpassed my expectations. Ease of use and long battery life are a big plus.

Should you buy a JawSaw? I say yes....... You be the judge.

As stated above, I have had this unit for over two years now and I have used it many, many times. The battery life has increased. If you remember I had just about an hours use, the first few times I used it, and now I am getting just under an hour and a half. (Using it, setting it down to move or haul stuff around and then picking it up and reusing it, just as before) but like I said above, the battery life on my JawSaw has increased through use and charging.

Thanks for reading today. Stay safe and I'll see you on the trail--CampingmanNW

Do you think you would consider buying the JawSaw after reading this review? - Feel free to leave a comment

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Your comparison of Jaw Saw and Alligator was not really a review - it was you reading reviews by others and making a choice. And you didn't even compare apples to apples as the Alligator was a NiCad and not the Lithium version. I still need to find an real comparison review where someone actually tested the units

    • CampingmanNW profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago

      @opatoday: If you do, you will find like I did, that it is an excellent tool. Thanks for the visit.

    • opatoday profile image


      4 years ago



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