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Writing Desks

Updated on August 12, 2014

Writing Desks | Home Office Desks | Modern Writing Desks | Fancy Writing Desks | Antique Writing Desks

This lens is about writing desks of all sorts. From antique writing desks to contemporary writing desks, from the simple modern writing desks to the fancy writing desks - everything you could want to know about the perfect home office desks and writing desks are right here. This page has a ton of info on various types of writing desks, and if you can't find it here, you can probably find the information at this writing desk guide. When you're talking about finding the perfect work space for at home or at your office, there's little argument that a writing desk can be the perfect piece of furniture. Whether antique or modern, set up for an office or designed for computer use, you want to find the best writing desks online - and is a great place to start!

High End and Fancy Writing Desks from Amazon

Whether you're looking for a classic executive desk, the perfect home antique, or that finishing touch for a beautiful antique study, you can find some amazing old writing desks from Amazon that will take your breath away.

Hekman Solid Wood Executive Desk with Leather Top 7-9140
Hekman Solid Wood Executive Desk with Leather Top 7-9140

Hekman is renowned for high end writing desks and this is a perfect example of a powerful and beautiful executive writing desk, even complete with leather top for comfort.

ORIENTAL FURNITURE Rosewood Classic Writing Desk - Two-tone
ORIENTAL FURNITURE Rosewood Classic Writing Desk - Two-tone

Classic rosewood writing desk complete with beautiful inlay and hutch top.

Arlington Writing Desk
Arlington Writing Desk

Made from solid walnut timber, this gorgeous walnut wood writing desk features dovetailed door designs in addition to keeping the old school desk look while providing the surface area and keyboard space needed for a modern computer set up.


Italian Writing Desk: Stylish Writing Desks Scream Class

Italian Writing Desk | Antique Writing Desks | Stunning Writing Desks | Flip Top Writing Desks

Italian writing desks are known fore being elegant, carved from dark wood, and antique Italian writing desks can be absolutely stunning, not to mention rather expensive. There are many great and different designs for good writing desks out there, and I'm not talking about the cheap crap from Wal-Mart that you pay $120 for only to have fall apart a year later (if that). Aside from being a solid wood home office desk, I particularly like this style of Italian Writing Desks because of the elegant style and sophistication it brings to a room.

This type of writing desk gives a strong beautiful look without the expense that can come from an actual cherry writing desk. This is a beautiful contemporary writing desk that also serves as a solid wood home office desks. If you're looking for the type of antique writing desk that screams beauty and sophistication, then the Italian wood desks are a great way to go.

A Couple Classic Italian Writing Desks from Amazon - Classic wood office desks are amazing

If you want the absolute beauty of an extravagant home office wood desk, these are two of the best that you are going to find! Artistic Italian writing desks are gorgeous - it's hard to do better than this!

DaVinci Writing Desk
DaVinci Writing Desk

Beautiful modern wood home office desk with traditional style.

Italian Renaissance Home Office Writing Desk Computer Furniture
Italian Renaissance Home Office Writing Desk Computer Furniture

Renaissance home office desks are beautiful and worth every penny.


Fancy Writing Desk | Gentleman's Writing Desk | Small Writing Desk

Writing Table Desks | Flip Top Writing Desks | Home Office Solidwood Desks | Antique Desk Replicas

The picture shows an example of a fancy writing desk, based after the antique writing desk designs from the 17th century. This Fliptop (also known as a roll top) writing desk is small enough to go into almost any room of the house, acting as beautiful furniture that can easily fit against the wall in a living room or bedroom as well as an office. This is definitely from the old school designs of writing desks, and although this one is not the best computer desk for a home, you won't find a better and more beautiful writing desk to write all correspondence, or that next best seller, from.

A handsome accent piece, this Gentleman's Caddy is styled after 17th-century English and Early American furniture. Reminiscent of the age of walnut furniture and cabinetry, this storage furniture features turned spindle legs and delicate lines to create a highly refined look. These desks may not be as common as

Hand-rubbed walnut finish exudes a subtle richness and a wealth of character and history. Desk features drop-down writing surface, eight drawers, and two petite display shelves. Hand-cast decorative hardware enhances authenticity. The wood's extraordinary luster is achieved through an exclusive, 25-step hand-finishing process, resulting in a deep finish that adds warmth and character.

Some Modern Wood Writing Desks

Every office can use one of these beautiful work desks. Not only are they functional pieces of office furniture but they also add a touch of class and style you don't see as often from modern desks.

Southern Enterprises SEI Folding Top Laptop Desk
Southern Enterprises SEI Folding Top Laptop Desk

Great wood laptop desk that gives the style of an old letter writing desk but combines it with the functionality needed for modern technology.

Southern Enterprises, Inc. SEI Walnut Carved Drop Front File Desk
Southern Enterprises, Inc. SEI Walnut Carved Drop Front File Desk

This amazing walnut drop lid desk is perfect not only for offices but also dining rooms, studies, or even to the side of a living room.

Laurel Crown Colonial Drop-Front Writing Desk
Laurel Crown Colonial Drop-Front Writing Desk

This drop lid wood writing desk is an excellent example of classic colonial style and taste.


Simple Writing Desks | Modern Writing Desks | Contemporary Writing Desks | White Home Office Desks

White Home Office Desks | White Home Computer Desks | Simple Home Desks

Maybe you would love an antique writing desk but you just can't afford it: or maybe you're more modern and just want a simple and cheap writing desk. Either way, there are several relatively cheap options that are far better values than that $120 plywood imitation at Wal-Mart that will fall apart within a year.

For example, here is a fantastic White Home Office Desk (picture clickable).

This desk is an example of a white writing desk from the Harbor View Collection of writing desks. There are others similar to this one, or black writing desks if you prefer the look of the darker colored writing desks.

This helps to show that whether it's black or white, modern or antique, there are many different writing desk designs to choose from. A simple writing desk will often be just as functional as a fancier model, and these often look just as good or better depending on the overall room d├ęcor. You don't need a traditional office writing desk at home so don't limit yourself to too large models of home desks. Choose what's right for you and your specific home furniture needs.

Great Deals on Home Writing Desks from Amazon - Look for the perfect piece of furniture

Just like the title says: giving you inexpensive writing desks from the best online retailer.

Frenchi Home Furnishing Computer/Writing Desk with Drawer, Espresso Finish
Frenchi Home Furnishing Computer/Writing Desk with Drawer, Espresso Finish

This simple writing desk design is great for an office, a dining room, or even as a basic black stationary desk for writing letters in the corner of a living room or study.

Southern Enterprises 2 Drawer Writing Desk 42" Wide, Crisp White Finish
Southern Enterprises 2 Drawer Writing Desk 42" Wide, Crisp White Finish

Beautiful simple white office desk that will fit in perfectly to a home looking for lighter more spring time colors.

Furinno 11192EX/BK Efficient Computer Desk, Espresso/Black
Furinno 11192EX/BK Efficient Computer Desk, Espresso/Black

Great inexpensive black computer office desk that provides excellent space for your most important books, records, printer, and ideal for laptop use though it will support a desktop system.

Winsome Wood Writing Desk, Honey
Winsome Wood Writing Desk, Honey

This classic honey wood desk harkens back to old antique designs and gives a beautiful a strong hardwood appearance to any old school home office or serves as a perfect old school stationary desk in a nice country home.

Cherry Finish Secretary Writing Desk & Chair
Cherry Finish Secretary Writing Desk & Chair

This combination cherry wood writing desk and chair provides a beautiful dark wood look that exudes class and stature.


Decorative Writing Desk | Fancy Writing Desk | Unicorn Carved Writing Desks

Hand Crafted Writing Desks | Contemporary Writing Desks | Hand Carved Writing Desks | Writing Desks with Two Drawers

This is an example of an absolutely amazing and artistically carved writers' desk. This hand carved writing desk has amazing wood working with two carved unicorns and the type of handiwork you just don't see anymore. This desk is an elegant wood writing desk that works great as either a fine ladies writing desk, or as a hand crafted, particularly distinguished writing desks preferred by gentleman with taste and standards. If you're looking for an elegant writing desk that will be the pride and joy of any furniture collection, you'll have to give this writing desk a good long look as possibly the perfect decorative and practical home desk. It's rare to find a special writing desk that can serve both as an incredibly elegant piece of furniture as well as a practical desk to writing needs. Finding beautifully carved desks, like this picture of the hand carved pecan front secretary desk, is rare but they are worth the expense because of their beauty.

Writing Desks for Home Offices

There are many ways to find the perfect home office desk.

One of the major challenges of shopping can be finding the perfect writing desk for home offices. Every person's version of the ideal home office is going to be different and that's also part of the reason that individuals need to take careful considerations of their own needs. The perfect working desk for one person might be a small and cozy desk in the corner where the computer can be stashed and a very orderly work session set up. Another person might prefer a large writing work desk or L-shaped writing desk, allowing plenty of room for an "organized mess."

Each person's specific needs for a writing desk for their home office will be different, and because of that each person needs to make their own decision and do their own research. One of the most important tips is to carry a picture of your home office around. When at the store your mind tends to compare one desk to another in the store setting, but you don't think about how that home office writing desk will look in your actual office at home. Carrying a picture can be a good reminder and a strong tool to make sure you select the option that fits you best.

First look at function above all else - because you want a piece of furniture that is going to meet all of your specific needs. Next is making sure it blends in with the rest of your furniture and your working area. This combination of being able to feel comfortable and productive is excellent and something you want from any work desk purchase.

Home Office Desks from

One of the best online sources for finding good deals on home office furniture. You will see plenty of excellent options available here.

Complete Computer Workstation With Storage. Color: Chocolate
Complete Computer Workstation With Storage. Color: Chocolate

This is a storage heavy black computer writing work desk. This is especially useful for freelancers who need a lot of files and resources on hand.

TECHNI MOBILI Complete Workstation Computer Desk with Storage - Chocolate
TECHNI MOBILI Complete Workstation Computer Desk with Storage - Chocolate

This is one of the most popular Techni Mobili writing desks available, even having a good old fashioned file cabinet door available for the most important records you want on hand and available at all times.

Monarch Specialties Cappuccino Hollow-core Left Or Right Side Corner Desk
Monarch Specialties Cappuccino Hollow-core Left Or Right Side Corner Desk

This writing desk and book shelf combination is outstanding for a home office and provides plenty of space for books, printers, computers, files, and a variety of other odds and ends. A great piece of furniture for office or home business use.

Sauder Shoal Creek Desk, Jamocha Wood
Sauder Shoal Creek Desk, Jamocha Wood

This Jamocha wood writing desk by Sauder Shoal Creek is an outstanding example of fine craftsmanship combined with exotic timber to create an outstanding looking and functional writing desk.

ORIENTAL FURNITURE Rosewood Classic Writing Desk - Two-tone
ORIENTAL FURNITURE Rosewood Classic Writing Desk - Two-tone

This oriental rosewood writing desk has the classic antique drop down leaf that shows the old oriental furniture and how it is set up.


Finding Gorgeous Cherry Writing Desks for Your Perfect Home Office

Beautifully designed writing desks for home and office

Cherry writing desks are some of the most popular types of home writing desks around and it's not hard to see why. Cherry timber has a naturally dark and beautiful appearance to it, and takes stain easily. This wood is high quality, looks great, and exudes style and class when it comes to good office desks. Cherry timber or cherry panel is one of the most popular choices when it comes to home writing desks and it is especially popular among fans of the dark woods and old school wood like mahogany, which is extremely hard to get a hold of nowadays. When you talk about a good cherry desk, most modern ones will only have cherry panel on the surface, about 1/8th of an inch thick (called veneer) while the rest of the material is made to be lighter. However some traditional all wood cherry writing desks are still around for the discerning fan who wants their office furniture to make a statement!

One thing you will want to know about cherry wood writing desks is that they will continue to darken over time, especially as more stain or polish is added. While this isn't a big deal for most people, as they tend to like darker wood if they're going with cherry, it is worth noting that if you find a particularly light cherry wood you like that it will get darker over time with proper maintenance and cleaning. On the plus side, if you really love darker timber then over time the darkening cherry will match closer and closer with any mahogany wood furniture you happen to own.

Cherry Writing Desks from Amazon - You have to love the look of gorgeous cherry wood desks!

Here you will see a wide variety of high quality and affordable writing desks that are designed to meet a range of needs and uses.

Cherry Finish Secretary Writing Desk & Chair
Cherry Finish Secretary Writing Desk & Chair

Great cherry secretary desk that looks great as an antique appearance and fits well as a place to write letters, correspondence, or do the bills.

Sauder Palladia Writing Desk, Cherry
Sauder Palladia Writing Desk, Cherry

Fantastic writing desk with multiple drawers and worthy of any home office or work space.

KidKraft Farmhouse Table and Chair Set
KidKraft Farmhouse Table and Chair Set

Just because you're starting out with a kids table and chair set doesn't mean you shouldn't get something good. Teach them what a good kids writing desk in cherry looks like and they'll hold those great tastes in the future!

Home Styles 5532-16 Hanover Student Desk, Cherry Finish
Home Styles 5532-16 Hanover Student Desk, Cherry Finish

Fantastic old school student writing desk with plenty of space for paper, pencils, calculators, and even laptop space. Have all your notes and study aides in one area and enjoy the benefit of such a great work space!

Target Marketing Systems Wood Corner Desk with One Drawer and One Storage Shelf, Cherry Finish
Target Marketing Systems Wood Corner Desk with One Drawer and One Storage Shelf, Cherry Finish

This fantastic cherry wood corner desk is a perfect addition to any living room or space in need of a decorative touch to the corner.


Writing Desks: What to Look for When Choosing a Writing Desk

Inexpensive writing desks | laptop writing desk | ladies writing desks

The writing desk has long been a sign of refined taste. While modern designs of writing desks have changed to accommodate technology, antique writing desks have long been considered wonderful pieces of furniture that hinted at sophistication while also working in a practical manner for the owner.

Writing desks also worked as a compact office, with everything needed in one area. In the old times these roll top desks were specifically designed for individuals who were writing letters by hand, though because of the changes in technology many of these desks also double as computer (or at the very least, laptop) desks now.

Many of the old school writing desks will have roll top covers, while many modern styles of writing desks are simpler, without the top.

Individuals who want a desk that is aesthetically pleasing will often times go for the roll top writing desks since that cover allows for an easy way of hiding private work from public viewing while adding a pleasing aesthetic.

Most of the oldest antique writing desks are English, and were manufactured in England following the Restoration in the late 1600s. Oak was used first, and then was followed by walnut, as the two most common used for these pieces of antique furniture, as they were the most common wood available at the time, with Walnut the trendy pick of that age.

If you're looking for a modern writing desk, there are several questions you will want to ask yourself. Are you looking for function, or do you care more about form? Do you like the old styles of furniture and desks, or do you like something much more simple and modern? How much are you willing to spend for the perfect writing desk? Are you looking for one where you can use your computer or laptop, as well?

All these questions make a major difference in determining what type of furniture you will want to look at purchasing. A good writing desk to use a laptop on that will fit in the bedroom is far different from a desk that will go out in the study and will act as a good looking piece of furniture to fit in with an all wood office.

There are plenty of places to look over literally hundreds of different choices. This is another good idea of what specifically you're looking for before searching, so you're not overwhelmed. What Beginning Freelance Writer doesn't dream of that beautiful fancy writing desk to work out at.

The perfect writing desk is out there somewhere for you, now you just need to find it!

Picture of a Beautiful Solid Wood Office Desk

Picture of a Beautiful Solid Wood Office Desk
Picture of a Beautiful Solid Wood Office Desk

Writing Desks from Amazon - Fancy Writing Desk | Writing Desk Replicas | Best Cheap Writing Desks

Great writing desks offered from the furniture section of this just seems appropriate.

Orispace GPC-05 Mobile Computer Desk
Orispace GPC-05 Mobile Computer Desk

This mobile computer desk is also a mobile writing desk, allowing for a great work space with your laptop or computer while easily being able to move from work space to work space.

Orispace CP-125G Stylish Glass Office Table
Orispace CP-125G Stylish Glass Office Table

This is a simple glass writing table, but this doesn't make this table any less effective or appealing. This is for the office that has a very modern look, and can also work in rooms outside of the sudy.

LEDA INNOVEX L05 Colton Computer Desk with Hutch
LEDA INNOVEX L05 Colton Computer Desk with Hutch

This modern writing desk is a result of the changing technology. This writing desk is also an excellent modern computer desk, as well, and with hutch and pull outs can provide for any needs.


Oak Wood Writing Desks

Oak wooden writing desks are extremely popular

There are many different types of writing desks that are popular, and one of the mainstays if you are looking for an inexpensive but high quality real wood writing desk. These pieces of furniture are popular for good reason, as real oak desks are designed to last a very long time and can be passed on through a family for generations in addition to being sturdy, taking a beating, and being good looking all at the same time. If you want an excellent piece of office furniture, no one is going to complain about oak writing desks as a solid starter. From simple computer desks for students to long lasting corner or executive writing desks that can literally last generations, oak is a reliable wood that offers great color, can take various type of staining well, and provides a wide range of excellent options when it comes to oak desks.

If you want a beautiful and long lasting piece of furniture at a reasonable price, then looking at the various options that oak writing desks have to offer is a great way to go. The biggest potential negative is that if you really love the full wood instead of the panel, then an entire desk made of any kind of oak will be extremely heavy - but it will also likely last many generations.

Great Oak Writing Desks on

Oak has long been an extremely popular material for building furniture for centuries. The beautiful look and solid durability make it an ideal timber for creating high quality writing desks out of.

Butler specality company BUTLER 6042001 DUPREE VINTAGE OAK WRITING DESK
Butler specality company BUTLER 6042001 DUPREE VINTAGE OAK WRITING DESK

Vintage oak corner desk that isn't huge for computer use or for a student, but acts as a great lamp table or little area to write the great American novel.

Home Office Writing Desk in Oak by Homelegance
Home Office Writing Desk in Oak by Homelegance

Beautifully elegant home writing desk with plenty of space for all your office and home study needs. This is an oaken desk that screams style in an understated way while providing full service needs.

Home Styles 5180-16 Arts and Crafts Student Desk, Cottage Oak Finish
Home Styles 5180-16 Arts and Crafts Student Desk, Cottage Oak Finish

Great oak arts and crafts student writing desk. This brings some style while also providing all the necessary uses you might need as a student.

Exotic wood writing desks
Exotic wood writing desks

Looking at Elegant Writing Desks

What's your definition of an elegant desk?

There are often two schools of thought when it comes to writing desks: getting one that is completely practical for a modern writer's workspace (ie the shift to calling them computer desks or even work stations) and then there's the school of thought that still sees the writing desk as a status symbol that needs to convey more than functionality: but also style and taste. Elegant writing desks are a popular choice among people who see a good desk as being far more than a simple work space.

What makes an elegant writing desk pop? Well that's going to vary depending on the person. Personally I absolutely love the dark woods like cherry or mahogany. In fact nothing beats a good mahogany as far as I'm concerned. I also am a fan of woodwork, so a solid bottom piece versus four legs works fine, as long as the outer sections have some degree of artistic work, carving, or something that makes it stick out. Artistic care and merit both go a very long way with me.

Is it the brand that makes the desk elegant? In and of itself that doesn't make it the case, although elegant Hekman writing desks definitely argue otherwise. Some people think the quality of wood itself is enough, others want extremely ornate looking artistry, while some others still prefer an antique writing desk appearance before they're willing to join the elegant band wagon. In the end it does come to a general sense of taste because some Victorian antique writing desks, for example, are extremely plain and functional in design. Not elegant - but very practical. On the other side of the extreme, many modern Italian writing desks are extremely ornate and elegant, and even at just a year or two old can cost thousands of dollars. It's hard to argue with the elegance of these ornate wood writing desks!

When you're looking for elegant wood writing desks, just remember that you can find a wide variety of designs that match that description that are antique in nature as well as new designs that have come out only in the recent years.

YouTube Videos on Writing Desks

See what people have to say on writing desks - at least from the world of YouTube.

Deals on Inexpensive Used Writing Desks from eBay

If you're looking around online, there are few better places to look than eBay to find some really good inexpensive writing desks.

What's Your Favorite Type of Writing Desk? - Writing Desks | Home Writing Desks | Home Computer Desks | Home Office Desks

Barcelona Writing Desks, if you're looking for really expensive fancy writing desks.

What is your favorite type of writing desk?

See results

Various Writing Desk Links - Desks | Home Desks | Home Writing Desks | Home Computer Desks

Let's face it: without a good quality desk, you can't have a good quality work space. Here are several links that can get you going in the right direction.

Writing Desks Galore!!

If you can't find the writing desk of your dreams on this page, you might not be able to find it online!

I hope you liked this lens about writing desks. Feel free to leave a comment.

Do Writing Desks Rock? Reader Feedback. - Antique Writing Desks | Modern Writing Desks | Contemporary Writing Desks

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    • blue22d profile image


      4 years ago

      Great lens. Love these, especially antique desks. The more drawers the better!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Cool stuff. I'm looking for desks now. As a new attorney, hand me down, scuffed up desks is what I've gotten. But they are expensive, and as you seem to say, getting the one for me is important. Not rushing into buying one, but always have my eye out...

    • JeffGilbert profile image


      5 years ago

      Wow, these are very elegant desks. Honestly, i didn't even know they made desks in that style, so used to modern ones. Great lens!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      They do. Sometimes you feel better sitting at a nice looking desk. It may help you work longer.

    • Kittycheer profile image


      6 years ago

      I like your lens. You really did some research.

    • Seasons Greetings profile image

      Laura Brown 

      6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      I have a small, modern writing and computer desk, which supports all my clutter.

    • tricomanagement profile image


      6 years ago

      I saw the Great Katherine's library desk in CA when I was young. I do not know if it is still on display. It was beautiful.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Have you ever tried a standing writing desk? I think they were popular in the late 1700's and they have always intrigued me

    • agoofyidea profile image


      6 years ago

      I love the old-fashioned writing desk. You sat down and focused on writing. No room for computers or other distractions. It seems like a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Blessed!

    • sarahrk lm profile image

      sarahrk lm 

      6 years ago

      Some nice desks here. I personally like the home-office type of desk. Thanks for a good lens.

    • ellagis profile image


      6 years ago

      What a good idea, to write a lens about writing desks! I love to write, and I hope humans will never give up writing.... and it´s easier to write when you have a good writing desk! Thank you for the lens :)

    • Retro Loco profile image


      7 years ago from USA

      Unique topic and well-presented! I like that Italian writing desk -- very classy. I like all the little cubby holes in antique writing desks. We bought a small one recently, I think it's a secretary desk, really cute. We're using it as a nightstand right now.

    • turner-bob profile image


      7 years ago

      Very informative


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