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Wrought Iron Bedroom Vanities

Updated on February 7, 2013

Black Wrought Iron Vanity Set

Wrought iron is a very malleable and beautiful metal, used for a variety of purposes. Amazingly, it dates back to Roman times and can be seen in 13th century gates in major cities of Europe.

Many people use it for curtain rods, bed frames, side tables, and more. You can really get a theme going in a bedroom. Wrought iron works well in bathrooms too as it won't rot from the moisture.

Often, wrought iron bedroom vanities are decorative as well as strong and functional.

Honestly,however, if you're looking for true wrought iron and not metal that just looks like wrought iron, your choices are really limited.

I've outlined three great options below. I hope you find something useful here!

Vanity Table Set in Black - Coaster

This vanity set comes with a vanity, with a shelf underneath it for makeup and hair accessory storage, a mirror and a bench. The accents are heart-shaped -- really cute for a teenager or a woman of any age really.

The stool is covered with black velour and is sturdy enough to hold quite a bit of weight.

The price is right, the look is right and it is not all that hard to put together. This is the only true wrought iron bedroom vanity on this page.

The vanity measures 55 H x 15 D x 30.25 W and the stool measures 19.75 H x 12.5 D x 20.75 W. As always, make sure you measure before you buy.

Sunburst Design Black Vanity - Table, Mirror and Bench

For a somewhat cheaper, although not as stable or high quality option, check out this bedroom vanity set. The sunburst design is really pretty and it can definition bring some beauty and elegance to a room.

The set comes with two glass shelves, a bench, and a mirror and requires some assembly. The vanity is a little larger than the one above, measuring 34"W x 19 1/4"D x 55"H. The stool measures 18"W x 13 1/2"D x 17"H.

This option is really pretty, but less detailed and of lower quality than the other options. Sometimes, holes can misalign and the result is a crooked vanity.

Powell Garden District Vanity, Mirror, and Bench Set

This vanity set is made of solid steel and finished with a black matte epoxy, giving it a wrought-iron look. The carefully-crafted scroll work gives it an even more realistic wrought-iron look than even the "real" wrought iron vanity on this list.

This set only has one shelf but also comes with a mirror and a bench. The bench is covered with an ivory damask, lightening up the whole set just a little bit.

This option is the smallest on the list, making it best for a preteen or teenager. It measures 36" W x 19-1/2" D x 48" H. The bench measures 21" W x 12-1/2" D x 17" H.

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