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Wrought Iron Fire Screens

Updated on July 20, 2014

Adding Beauty to the Fireplace

I love a snowy night and the flames of a cozy fire to get warm by. Some of my best memories are times spent in front it. The shovel and other accessories are easy to forget but the one thing burnt into my memory is the screen. Of all the accessories for the fireside the screen is the one that is etched into my mind. Having a burning fire took some work back then. We used real logs that needed to be tended and moved in order for them to burn efficiently. We used chimney cleaning logs that had chemicals making them spark colors giving the real fireside effects that only a real piece of wood would do. Today very few home need logs for a cozy evening in front of the fireplace. They are now powered by gas and electricity.

Photo credit: me and the sysop

Safety First


The most important thing to remember with an indoor fire is keeping it safe. I remember one Christmas day that was ruined because we did not follow the easy steps to keep things clean. My mother and I were the only ones caring for the fire and around three PM it started. At first we noticed a slight smell. We checked the damper in the fireplace to be sure it was all the way open. Sometimes the wind would blow just right and it would close up partially. The damper was open so we searched the basement checking the heater for a problem. We were busy in the kitchen making super for that evening and did not notice smoke building up in the house. When we finally did we had to call the fire department. They came and found the problem to be a build up of creosote. Industrial size fans were used to clear the house of as much smoke as possible and the firemen made sure the fire was was out. By the time they were done the house was freezing cold and it was still too smoky to have the doors closed. We kept our own big house fans on to clear the air and with no heat and no fire we spent a miserable Christmas huddled together on the couch. The house was smoke damage throughout and had to be professionally cleaned. That was an expensive lesson to learn. One that can be easily avoided by cleaning out the chimney. The simple use of chimney sweeper logs can be a life saver and a situation like this might never happen.

For more about creosote and what it is check out this Facts About Chimney Fires

Creosote Logs

The paper logs we came to use in the fireplace were nothing more than chimney cleaning products. They are used to remove the creosote build up which is a must to prevent a back-up which might eventually end in a fire.

Fleur De Lis FRENCH REVIVAL Black Wrought Iron Fire Sheild Fireplace Screen

This very pretty black screen is guaranteed to add a touch of warmth to your home

Folded: 26¼" x 1" x 33¼" high; opened: 46¼" wide.

Wrought iron.

Item Weight: 9.4 lbs.


You will need a few things to maintain a nice fire. These items will be a part of your entire collection for a good fire. Keep it clean and make certain the damper is always open when there is a fire burning.

Cyan Design Wrought Iron Fire Screen

Perfect choice if you want a rustic look

Animal Fireplace Screens

A lovely theme these screens are animals. If you are an outdoor lover why not go with a wildlife screen.

  • Gifts & Decor Rustic Forest Folding Fireplace Screen

    Exquisite metalwork with cutout silhouettes of deer and mountains

    Made from wrought iron with a weathered bronze finish

    Three panel design makes it convenient for folding

  • Woodland Bear Flat Screen, In Black

    Bear fire screen

    Metal fire screen with log design frame

    Mesh spark guard

    Freestanding; no installation required

  • Ll Home Metal Horse Fire Screen

    Western decor

    Made of metal

    Wood or gas fire place screen

    Powder Coated for rust resistance

French Country White Iron Fireplace Screen

Thought of wrought iron rarely bring the color white to mind.

Item: Fireplace Screen

Design: Floral White Iron

Size: 46" W x 30.5" T x .5" deep.

Material: Handcrafted Iron and Tole

Stone Fireplace

I am a lover of the unique and unusual. Artistic talent is found everywhere you look and this beautiful stone fireplace is one more example of that fine eye for art.

How to Clean a Fireplace

Video help to clean fireplace.

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