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Wusthof knives: Wustof Classic Knife set Review

Updated on March 22, 2011

Wusthof Knives Review: High-Quality German Knives

Wusthof Knives are among the world's finest, highest quality chef's knives. A Wusthof knife is everything you could want out of a chefs knife - which is arguably the most important kitchen tool. We will look at Wusthof classic knives and review their features.

All Wusthof knives have been manufactured in Solingen, Germany since 1814. Each Wusthof knife is precision forged from a single piece of high quality steel which ensures great performance and durability.

Wusthof classic knives are among the finest quality knives on the market, designed for extraordinarily sharpness and ergonomic, comfortable to use handles.

Wusthof knives are available in a variety of styles. There is a Wusthof Santoku knife, a cleavers, a cheese knife, a bread knife, a chef knife, a paring knife, a serrated knife and complete sets of Wusthof steak knives.

All Wusthof knives are easy to maintain and with Wusthof knife sharpener they will last virtually forever. Continue reading to learn more about the different types of Wusthof Knives and review what they have to offer.  We'll also discuss how to sharpen a knife so you can see how easy it is!

Check out why Wusthof Knives are the official partner of the German National team of chefs!

Wusthof Knives

Take a look through the Wusthof Knives Collections!

Remember all Wusthof Knives include a Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty!

Wusthof Knives, Stamped vs. Forged

There are many Wusthof Knife sets available for purchase. Wusthof offers a large selection of collections. For example, the Wusthof Classic, Wushof Culinar, Wusthof Ikon, and Wusthof Gourmet. Each collection offer different styles of knives but there are also some technical differences.

Most important, it is essential when knife shopping that you understand the difference between a stamped knife and a forged knife. Many times you will see kitchen knives offered at very low prices. Especially if you are browsing online and looking at a photo, it will be hard to distinguish any real difference other than the price.

Even in a top quality brand such as Wusthof knives, they offer a lower end kitchen knife collection to target a different set of consumers.

All Wusthof knives are forged except for the Gourmet collection are forged. The Gourmet collection is Stamped, which means it was literally stamped and cut from a piece of steel. The Wusthof gourmet knives weigh about half as much as the forged knives.

Stamped knives perform reasonably well, but forged knives are really what you want if you plan to invest in a good chef's knife. If you plan to purchase a less expensive stamped knife, there's not reason to purchase a Wusthof knife.

As you can see from the items to your right, there is a difference in price, but for something that literally can be in your family for generations, a good sturdy forged knife is the way to go.

Wusthof Classic Knives

Wusthof Classic Knives are the best selling collection. They feature a 3 rivet design on the handle. Top of the line quality meets a simple style. For decades there have been no changes and Wusthof has opted to keep these great knives the same.

Wusthof Classic features balanced, heavy, high-carbon steel forged knives. The classic design with a traditional handle work great in the kitchen. There's a reason these are the best selling collection. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Over the years knowledgeable customers continue to flock to the Wusthof Classic, and it remains their most popular line overall. If you intersect price and quality, the Wusthof classic is a perfect fit.

Put these knives up against any other comparable brand and you will see how favorably the Wusthof Classic holds up.

If you are knowledgeable about what sorts of knives you often use in the kitchen, put your own set together.  If you want a great set, anticipating your needs before you have them, the 10 piece Wusthof knife set can't be beat.

Knife Blocks

If you wish to put together your own set of kitchen knives, a knife block like those shown below allow you to put any combination of knives you like.  They have an interesting design where you don't have slots like a normal wooden knife block.  

There are many little rods which move aside to accommodate any type of knife you want.  This is especially handy since often if you purchase a normal knife block and then decide you want to add something, there will be no open slots, or they simply won't fit!

Take a look at the pictures below to get an idea - even if you don't need one, take a look - they're really cool!

Wusthof Ikon Knives

Wusthof Ikon Knives are a great new line designed by Wusthof in 2007.  There are numerous improvements over some of their other lines.  

Primarily, the aesthetic design has been updated, however this is not all.  Some great features have been incorporated as well.

Ikon Knives offer a tapered bolster which protects your finger from the blade edge, making it more difficult to cut yourself.  Often, the normal full bolster of a knife will get in the way of sharpening.  It will stick out beyond the blade and not only look bad, but also make chopping more difficult.  

The tapered bolster offered by Wusthof Ikon knives will allow easy use and easy sharpening.

The handle design has also been upgraded in the Ikon collection.  The handle is more ergonomic and well balanced.  It feels solid and strong in your hand.   It maintains a resemblance to the Wusthof Classic, keeping the three rivet design.  

The polished edge adds further to this handsome product.  Functional and Beautiful - the Wusthof Ikon line has it all.

Wusthof Culinar Knives

Wusthof released this stylish line of Culinar knives to compete with brands like Global.  They updated some features and made the style highly desirable.  

While the blade of the Wusthof Culinar Knives is the same as that of the Wusthof classic, the style is quite different in the handle.  

Culinar boasts a stainless steel handle.  They are heavy fit solidly in your hand.  The comfortable grip makes the weight easy to wield and effective for all sorts of tasks.

The sleek design and well-balanced blade offer a premium cooking experience.

Wusthof Specialty Knives and Chef's Tools

In addition to the more standard knives, like Chef's knives, Santoku knives, paring knives, etc. Wusthof also offers a surprising variety of specialty knives and other chef's tools.

Wusthof cleavers are highly effective for butchering meat and chopping vegetables. A bread knife will serve you well for cutting fresh bread or bagels.

Wusthof poultry shears make cutting a chicken easy. Equally useful is a Wusthof boning knife for filleting and de-boning a fish.

A mincing knife and cutting board set is also a very handy combination of items available. Wusthof even offers an cheese knife.

Whatever your needs, Wusthof offers a product to suit them. Wusthof knife sharpeners are obviously important as with all these specialty knives, it's important to keep them sharp and honed.

Sharpening your Wusthof Knife

What's great about a high quality knife is that you can easily sharpen it yourself. With the simple techniques illustrated in the video below, you can see how easy it is to sharpen your own knives.

If you plan to purchase a new Wusthof knife, make sure to get a sharpener so you can really appreciate how great the forged high-carbon steel is to work with.

You will never cook the same again!

How to Sharpen your Knife

Wusthof Knives final Review

When examining the different products offered by Wusthof knives, you will see that they know their stuff. For almost 200 years, Wusthof has been steadily improving their German design kitchen knives.

Wusthof Classic give you everything you could ever want from a knife. Wusthof Culinar and Ikon somehow manage to even improve on that.

Pair the Wusthof knives with the other specialty products offered by Wusthof, and your kitchen is ready for Gourmet status. These Kitchen tools are designed to make your life efficient and easy.

Spend less time prepping and more time Cooking! Get a good set of knives and turn everyone in your family into a chef. With a good sharp Wusthof knife, cooking tasks that were once mundane can become much more enjoyable. Wusthof knives really get the job done right.

Please comment if you found this interesting, helpful, useful, etc.  I would appreciate your feedback!  Thanks for reading :)


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