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Yard Sale Tips!

Updated on January 13, 2014

Having A Yard Sale?

We all have a room (usually the garage) where we throw all the stuff we want to hide when company is coming over. How about that pile of things you intended to fix? If you are anything like me you haven't gotten around to it. Let's face it - we all have clutter!

Take time to consider the mound of stuff sitting in boxes or hidden in the back of the closets in your home. I mean if you haven't used it in quite awhile, you probably don't need it. All a yard sale takes is rolling up your sleeves, making some decisions and moving it to your yard!

Sell Items
Sell Items

Rolling Up Your Sleeves!

Whenever we start a project like clearing out the garage or cleaning out closets, I like to make piles. It helps with reorganizing what has to go back into that space. You will be amazed at all the things you seem to have forgotten!

Another motivation for having a yard sale could be you need to make money. When the sale is motivated by need instead of the desire to 'get rid of stuff' it tends to be a bit harder to find things to let go of. No matter what is motivating you to hve the sale, the same rule of thumb applies - If you haven't used it in the last year, you probably don't need it.

Keep - This pile is of course what you intend to put back into you space.

Trash - This is all the junk that is beyond repair!

Sell - Here you put all those things you don't use or need anymore.

Now that you have everything together you need to look carefully at it all and decide if you want to have a solo sale or join into a group. Lots of times you friends would like to do the same and joining forces might just give them encouragement! A group sale could be better then selling alone - more stuff draws more traffic!

Be Prepared!

Get cash. Get a roll of quarters, a stack of twenty-five $1 bills, a few $5 bills and two $10 bills!


Keep the money with you at all times! Try a fanny pack or apron with pockets.

Making Decisions

Are you selling things to make money or to get rid of them? This question affects everything you do, from how you price things to how willing you are to negotiate. You can often make more money (and get rid of more clutter) by pricing things low. If you are looking for top dollar you may want to consider eBay or other online stores to sell your items.

Setting up the sale - People will be more inclined to stop if you set up shop in your driveway or yard. Make your sale inviting and easy to browse. You can lure customers by placing highly-desirable items near the road. Go over ground rules about the sale, make sure that everybody working the sale is in agreement. Be clear on your bargaining policy.

Advertise! Place an ad in the newspaper, penny saver or craigslist. Post signs around the neighborhood. It's best to use big bold text like "YARD SALE" with an arrow pointing the right direction. Make sure your sign is readable, if you cant read it from the street - others wont be able to either!

Promote expensive items. These items can be harder to sell but with a little bit of effort you can show your customers why it is a must have! Check online with the manufacturer of the item (or Amazon) and see if you can find information about the item. (have the print out sitting with it) If you're selling electrical items, make sure you have an extension cord handy so that people can test them.

Dont be so willing to negotiate on price at the begining of the sale.

You can offer to take their number and call if they item doesn't sell.

Helpful Video!

Play Background Music

Play Background Music

It can feel a little uncomfortable to visit a yard sale when there's complete silence in the yard or driveway.

However, don't play offensive music - play something appropriate for all ages. (like easy listening)


As the host you won't have to entertain people so much and it helps people lingering longer.


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