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Bathroom Remodeling a Tiny Room, Turn it into Big Profits With Bathroom Renovation

Updated on June 17, 2016

Bathroom Remodeling, Turn it into Big Profits When You Sell

Bathroom Remodeling a tiny room, turn it into Big Profits. Did you know that that tiny bathroom can make or break the sale of your home? By taking that tiny room and turning it into a beautiful place to visit, you can reap the profits when you go to sell your home. I am not talking about about spending a bundle on it either. If you are handy you can set a low budget and renovate it to current demand. It is easy to find new fixtures and material that won't break the bank.

I did it in my home when we moved into our home.. The bathroom was a real mess and totally out of date. I consulted eBay and Amazon and found some of the best deals on one of a kind and closeouts. These items were top of the line some were last year stock and I purchased them for a steal. You can do it too by doing a bit of research online.

For example I found a builder who was selling sinks he had left over from a subdivision in a high end neighborhood. It is a rectangular raised sink about 20 x 28 inches which was perfect for the master bathroom of our home. Next I needed a tall faucet to accommodate the high sink and found one on eBay and it only cost me $30 it was being sold by someone who moved into a brand new home and was changing the fixtures before they moved into it. The whole sink and faucet cost me $130 and I was delighted that I had the foresight to consult eBay first.

The cabinet was in good a shape and simply needed cleaning. I scrubbed all the dirt and debris off of the cabinet with fine steel wool and Old English Dark Oil. It was amazing it cleaned up all of the scratches and remove paint which had be left to dry from an amateur paint job. My final treatment on the cabinet was a couple of coats of polyurethane with a cherry stain mixed into it. It looks like new since I finished it.

Basin sink

Make your own counter top

Getting Started

Tiny Bathroom Renovation

The counter tops were another challenge in my tiny bathroom project. I watch a lot of home decorating shows and discovered that marine grade plywood could be used for the base of the counter. Since I wasn't sure I could cut the material myself I asked the people at the home store to do the cutting for me. I took my measurements with me and decided to have them cut the material so I could use it for both of my bathrooms.

The next step was deciding what to use on the counter top as a surface. I decided I wanted to use small tiles since they would be easier for me to cut. The only thing I used for cutting was a $15 pair of nipper I found at the home store. I looked some more on eBay but I could not find anything I wanted. So, I looked on Amazon. I had already calculated the number of sheets I would need. It would take 10 sheets of tile for the master bath and 9 for the guest bath. I purchase a few extra in case of a mistake or error in my calculations.

I found a tile store on Amazon that advertises discontinued tiles. Since I only needed a small amount this was perfect. Most of the deals were small lots and you could purchase as few as you wanted. I found a very nice gray glass mosaic for 79 cent a sheet and a mosaic granite for $1.50. I ordered the glass for the master bath and the granite for the guest bath. For less than $24 I had enough tile for both tiny bathroom renovations.

Mosaic tile a counter

Tiny Bathroom Renovation

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Tiled Counter

How Much Will It Cost to Renovate a Tiny Bathroom?

Tiny Bathroom Renovation

Tips and Ideas

The new dilemma was a sink for the tiny guest bathroom. I searched on eBay once again and found a vessel sink that could be used on top of the counter or sunk down into the counter. I purchased another faucet so for another $65 I had everything I needed to get started on my project. I would still need mastic to glue the tiles down and groat to finish the project. For less than $500 I managed to completely renovate both of my tiny bathrooms. This price included stick on tiles for the floor, paint, new 5" molding, 3" molding around the outdated mirrors, ribbon molding to finish off the counter top, and textured wallpaper I used as wainscoting.

Both of my tiny bathrooms look amazing and they were updated for a tiny price. You will be impressed with how creative you can get if you stick to your budget. You should never invest more in your tiny bathroom than you can comfortably afford and the potential resale value of you home. It is wise to do you homework and make the most out of your budget.

If I can do this so can you. If there are jobs you don't know how to tackle consult the experts at the home improvement store. There you can get advice as well as books to teach you how to successfully complete a job. If there is a job that you are uncomfortable doing you can always hire an expert handyman. You can then complete the rest of the job yourself and save money while doing it. Experts can do the job quickly and you will be happier with the results.

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