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I'm an Astronaut... Can You Imagine Floating in the Space at the Comfort of Your Home?

Updated on August 30, 2013
Zero Gravity Chair
Zero Gravity Chair | Source

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Imagine that you are relaxing in your living room and you are experience a reduction of pressure all over your body ounce by ounce.

And which at the same time, you are also having a feeling of being weightless and almost experiencing a floating sensation just like in the space.

Sounds incredible isn't it? But can you achieve that here on the earth?

Well, that's actually quite possible with a zero gravity chair; an ergonomically designed recliner that maximizes your personal comfort and could be one of the solutions for your back pain.

The zero gravity chair was built based on the information and fact that released by the NASA. The design of the chair can help the body to achieve the feeling of an astronaut floating weightless in the space.

According to NASA, when their astronauts begin their launch towards space, they would have their feet raise above the level of the hearts.

In such position, the astronauts can reduce the amount of pressure that lays upon the spine while traveling into the space. The idea of the ergonomic zero gravity chair was born based on this concept.

Reading a book without the stress?
Reading a book without the stress? | Source
Total relaxation with floating experience
Total relaxation with floating experience
Help you to relax easily
Help you to relax easily

Zero gravity chair is designed in such a way that it is highly adjustable to meet every individual needs. You can find numerous of levers, knobs and locks on the chair that you can adjust to suit the best positioning for your body.

With all of these specifications that suited perfectly for your body posture, the zero gravity chair can help alleviate back pain (the most common problem faced by people nowadays), muscles aches, joint pains and fatigue.

The perfect positioning of this chair can help you to achieve a perfect body balance and thus, enable you to create the feeling of weightlessness like floating in the space. While in such position, you can achieve instant relief to your body; so it takes shorter time for you to recover tiredness and pressure.

Although a zero gravity chair is normally placed in the living room, it is also suitable for bedroom (provided that you have enough space), office or even your patio.

Indoor varieties come in wood or steel frame with suede or leather padding, while the outdoor anti gravity chairs are upholstered in polyester coated mesh for better durability through inclement weather and conditions.

There are endless of selection of such chair in the market. If you are searching for one, try looking through the internet as online stores are going to offer much more variety with numerous brands and designs than you will find from your local furniture stores.

However, if you are eager to try sitting on one before proceeding with the purchase, then you should head for the local store instead. Some bigger supermarkets and hypermarkets do carry zero gravity chair, so you might also want to check them out; they normally could provide you with better deal compare with a small furniture store.

Other Features and Pricing of a Zero Gravity Recliner

Other Features

Some anti gravity recliner brands also offer some other optional features such as leather pads, foot extensions and inflatable headsets.The leather pad can provide you with additional comfort while relaxing.

Foot extensions are great for tall people or those who have long legs, where extra spaces are needed for the feet. With the inflatable headrest, you can now have the perfect comfort while laying your head on it. Everyone needs to rejuvenate the body and this chair is just perfect for the task. You definitely deserve this after long hour slaving yourself at work.


The price of a zero gravity chair vary depends on the style and features that you choose. A normal design anti gravity recliner without those fancy features will cost you around sixty bucks.

On the other hand, if you are looking for the one that's for indoor use, be prepared to fork out more. The price range starts at approximately three to four hundreds to as high as few thousands dollars.

Well, if you are ready to spend more than two thousand dollars for one piece of this chair, that should get you a very good offer. The one that shown in the picture above with the lady sit on it costs around two thousands and five hundred plus.

If you do not need a fancy and futuristic looking zero gravity chair plus those additional features, the basic one will be enough for you. It can save you a lot and which at the same time, provide you with the weightlessness experience that you are seeking for.

Zero Gravity Chair by Human Touch

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    6 years ago

    I needed this one after spending times in front of my computer.

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    8 years ago from the short journey

    Thanks for the overview.


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