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10 Ways To Save $100 This Year

Updated on January 31, 2008

Saving money does not have to be hard. The average person has many ways in which they could cut back and save money. If you are looking to save money this year here are some easy ways in which you can save $100 or more.

  1. Cut back on soda. A twelve pack here is $4 regular and $3 on sale. By cutting out one 12 pack a week you can save between $156 and $208 this year.
  2. Make your own pizza. You can get exactly the toppings you want in less time than it takes for delivery for around $5 for two pizzas. Compare that to $20 for two delivery pizzas and you can save $15 each time or $780 a year if you eat pizza weekly. At the least purchase frozen to save $520 this year.
  3. Use coupons for the things you need - matching them up with sale prices will get you the most savings. If you don't get a Sunday paper you can still find many coupons to print online. I have found that the online coupons are typically for a higher amount than what comes in the paper, so it will give you more of a savings.
  4. Brew your own coffee. If you like Starbucks then purchase their coffee beans and brew your own at home. If you don't have a grinder, they will gladly grind the beans for you for no extra charge. If a bag of beans costs $10, then after just 6.25 cups of coffee you will be saving all that money you would have spent stopping on your way to work.
  5. Stop smoking, or at least cut back. If you stop completely you could save $100 a month. I know it is easier said than done, but consider it.
  6. Cut out the chips. A bag of Lays costs almost $3. If you buy a bag every week you are spending $156 a year on chips. Cut back to one bag a month and you will save over $100.
  7. Change your own oil. Oil changes are expensive, some places over $30. Do this yourself four times and you will have $100 - after purchasing your own oil and filter.
  8. Use the library. Libraries today have really changed with the times. Instead of buying that book, magazine or movie borrow it. My library lets me request things from all over the state online and they have a drive through window to pick up items. I don't even have to get out of my car! It doesn't get much easier than that and it is free.
  9. Hang your laundry up to dry instead of using your dryer. You will save about $.75 a load. If you hang up three loads a week you will save $117 on your energy bill.
  10. Rent movies or better yet borrow them. The cost for two people to go to the movies is staggering. Tickets alone will push $20 and the snacks and drinks are outrageous. Rent a movie for $5 and pop some popcorn at home. Borrowing a movie from the library will increase your savings.

Those are easy ways to save money right? For those who have small children here are a couple of more ways you can save money. Using cloth diapers will save you hundreds of dollars a year, after you purchase them even. Cutting your kids hair at home will save well over $100 a year. I cut all four of my kid's hair - at $10 a head at the cheapest place around that really adds up. Especially the boys whose hair grows incredibly fast. Investing in good clippers is a smart move if you like your boys to have crew cuts.

If you are looking for ways to save money this year (who doesn't right?) try some of these simple things. The little things are usually painless and the savings really add up.


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    • profile image

      Joe Finance 

      10 years ago

      Great list Jennifer!

      My wife and I only buy 1 newspaper a week - the Sunday paper. We buy it solely for coupons and sales fliers. The amount of money my wife saves on groceries easily pays for the price of the paper.

      Sunday Newspaper: $2

      Coupon savings on grocery items we were going to buy anyway: $25-35

      Frugal Living: Priceless.

      Well, ok, maybe I went a little too far with the "priceless" part, but you get the idea ;-)

    • bobw profile image


      10 years ago from Laurel, DE

      Great tips. It's true that a penny saved is a penny earned, even though a penny isn't worth what it used to be. LOL

    • singpec476 profile image


      10 years ago from Not Too Far Away

      Great tips we could all do with saving tips and you have made a good list.

    • cool baby sonic profile image

      cool baby sonic 

      10 years ago


    • The Phantom Blot profile image

      The Phantom Blot 

      10 years ago

      Those are great ideas, I wish more of them applied to me...or maybe I don't. Probably it's not a good idea to start smoking so that I can quit.

    • Whitney05 profile image


      10 years ago from Georgia

      Coupons! I'm trying to get my mom in the habit of using them. I mean .25 here and .50 there really helps. Plus, Publix doubles coupons if they're under 1.00, so that .25 coupon is now .50 and the .50 coupon is 1.00. that over an entire year, adds up.

    • Terri Paajanen profile image

      Terri Wilson 

      10 years ago from someplace in Canada

      Glad you mentioned line drying your clothes. Not only does it save money, it saves energy too. Can't hurt to help the environment while you're at it. :)

    • Bob Ewing profile image

      Bob Ewing 

      10 years ago from New Brunswick

      very useful info, I like saving money

    • cgull8m profile image


      10 years ago from North Carolina

      Great tips, I also use coupons to get products, there is hardly any difference in the tastes of products, so if we use coupons we may save plenty of money in the long run.

    • profile image

      Marye Audet 

      10 years ago

      Good list...

      I will add one about the coffee. Most large cities have coffee roasters. It actually costs less to get a pound of custom roast from them than to get it at the store...and you can have it roasted and blended toyour tastes

    • About-The-Home profile image


      10 years ago

      Change my own oil? Yuk!

      I'd probably end up leaving a leak and wrecking the engine, not to mention spilling oil all over.

      Drive thru libraries? Ain't that cool.

    • JerseyGirl profile image


      10 years ago from Jersey Shore

      I really enjoyed your Hub. Very informative; and I am always looking for was to save money! I have already stopped purchasing canned soda - as you say, here in New Jersey, a 12 pack is also $3.99.

      I think the next cut will be cutting out the bags of chips. It's true, a bag is $3. (or more), and I guess that I never really added that up!

      Thanks again!


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