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10 facts you didn't know about fake fitness solution sellers

Updated on April 13, 2013

We are living today in fast growing society facing the pressure of everyday stresfull life and health problems.There are thousands of organizations and people who are offering you "solutions" to achieve the body and health of your dreams.But let's take a look at some interesting fact and use a little common sense.Then you'll see there's something wrong with the picture in each case.

1. There are more fat-free or low fat foods,health clubs,diet centers,exercise equipment options, and "miracle drugs" than ever.

2. Millions of dollars are spent on research to isolate the "fat gene" without any significant outcome.

Many scientists are trying to find a fail-proof for us to biochemically alter our bodies to melt off fat without exercise or eating well,while it seems as though they are forgetting that Americans are consuming over 150 lb. of sugar per person per year. !

While the search for the fat gene continues,.Americans are causing their bodies to hold on to their fat stores. This is due to the hormonal changes that sugar brings about,namely insulin.


3. Some “sugar-free” foods are,in fact,loaded with sugar.

Now that you know that one of the major nutritional errors in trying to get leaner – too much sugar. Does this sound familiar : “This cookie is sweetened with fructose.” This means, that it is really sweetened with sugar and you will get fat :)

4. Not enough emphasis on bone building, metabolism-boosting, body shaping,lean muscle mass.

In their 20's – 30's , American women lose somewhere between 5-10 lb. of muscle. Plus,the average womans fat accumulation ranges between 15-30 lb. As a man enters the senior years, he often has less than 70% of the muscle he had at 25.

Despite overwhelming evidence to support that weight training (at any age) can stop and even reverse this deterioration, most people who begin an exercise program choose more aerobic activity and neglect the muscle saving,metabolism-boosting,fatigue-fighting strength training. Excessive aerobic exercise can actually waste away muscle,making you a skinny-fat person.

5.Over-promising and under-delivering

Many of the claims made on this cleverly calculated fitness gadget infomercials are not only misleading,but they are often not even possible with the equipment being marketed. Come on 4 minutes a day for the body you want !? And then there's the new piece with Suzanne Somers pitching the miracle equipment as giving her her best body ever :-)

6.Chromium Picolinate

One of the wonder supplement of the decade ? If this was true and chromium picolinate were a miracle fat burner then wouldn't a diet rich in whole grains and shellfish (contain good sources of chromium) melt fat away ? Of course not. It's just a valuable mineral to include in our diet .

7.The FDA

The Food & Drug administration is supposed to look after our best interests when it comes to food and drugs,and monitoring their safety.

Interesting, though, when you take a look in 1996, when the media jumped all over the FDA's approval of Olestra,a fat substitute. It's odd,that the consumer reaching media was able in a single day,to make us aware of this issue. But they completely ignored the fact that for years the FDA has been allowing the food companies to mislead,even blatantly lie on their labels. Some food labeled "97% fat free" are really 60% fat and more or some foods labeled 70% less fat get all their calories from fat , etc.

Maybe the awareness of this deceit might lead to more honest,clearer, and understandable food labeling.

8. If something is sold in a health food store,shouldn't it be healthy ?

Some over-the-counter "fat burners" are actually addictive drugs that,if misused and abused,can lead to seizures,stroke, and death. Aspartame,a sugar substitute is also causing the "health" community to be up in arms. Funny,while health food stores condemn aspartame,they don't mind that they are selling these potentially dangerous "fat burners" that are marketed and labeled fraudulently .

9. Lack of integrity.

Many athletes,bodybuilders,fitness contestant participants,and the like who are on the “just say no” bandwagon are precisely the people who are using performance-enhancing and/or anabolic drugs.

On, no, you won't see anything like, “this product, along with continued injections of anabolic steroids, is the secret to the body i have now.” This would end up with no sales, and the endorser sent to prison.

They just say , “Take this product for the body of your dreams.” Too , bodybuilders are supposed to be the picture of perfect health, when in fact they engage in unhealthy practices to win a contest, like taking cocaine or diuretics.

Consumers wanting to be like their heroes will drop big money in the supplements that promise to make their image, and they wonder why they don't work.

10. Some programs still advocate dramatically restricting calories.

Consistently reducing calories to an intake below the body's basal metabolic rate can slow the metabolism and bring about chemical changes that lead to additional storage of fat .

Training the body to process food frequently is a factor in speeding the metabolism. People by cutting back on calories, are sabotaging their potential for ever becoming lean. You'll be amazed at how much you really can eat and still get lean, permanently.


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      10 years ago

      :) Thats true :)


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