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Make Money Online

Updated on March 18, 2008

Make Money Online with NetAudioAds Pay-Per-Play

  • NetAudioAds Pay-Per-Play (PPP) is the web's newest and fastest growing form of advertising.NetAudioAds Pay-Per-Play (PPP) is an online media channel that plays 5 second audio advertisements (audio ads.
  • Audio ads are only heard on web pages where the website owner has placed PPP code and is only heard once on the page. The visitor may hear another ad if they visit another page (that has placed the PPP code) only after at least 3 minutes have elapsed. Audio ads do not take up any physical space on your website because they are only heard and not seen. NetAudioAds Pay-Per-Play pays all affiliates on a weekly basis. The more websites that you refer to this opportunity the more you will make.
  • How Much You Can Earn?
  • NetAudioAds charges advertisers on a CPM basis. In other words we charge in units of 1000 ads. Each 1000 ads currently costs the advertiser anywhere from $20 CPM (per thousand) to $26 CPM depending on targeting options they may select. 25% (your cut) of the $20 CPM is a $3.50 CPM which is well above industry standard CPM rates. There is no other form of advertising that compares to this commission structure except for per impression banner advertising. The revenue you receive from banner ads compared to audio ads is significant. As an affiliate running ads on your website you will earn your 25%. So let's say that you get 100,000 visitors a month that hear a 5 second ad then you would earn $350 in found money. The true power of this program lies in referring other websites and every website owner wants more revenue so this is an easy sell. Imaging referring 10 websites that total 1 million ad plays. This is not hard to do 1 million ad plays at your 5% is $1000 in residual income per month. Since we pay weekly, you'll get paid $250 per week. Now imagine stepping it up to 2 million or 10 million and you can see how quickly the numbers add up.


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