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Effective Baking Soda Uses

Updated on August 17, 2008

Discover the Many Uses of Baking Soda

I write this hub just to share the knowledge with everbody. I love the nature way of getting rids of bads thing that we don't want to see. Nature loving is also a way for us to save our green planet.

For nearly 150 years, scientists have added to the list of uses for this amazing mineral. Following are the uses for baking soda in our home that are as good as or better than other expensive or enviromentally harmful products.

Household uses for baking soda:

1. Deodorise: Neutralizing smells in our refrigerator by placing the box of baking soda inside the refrigerator. Stir up the box every two weeks and replace it after two months. We can also sprinkle fresh baking soda in any of our odourous places.

2. Drains and toilets bowls: When throwing away our unwanted baking soda, throw them down the drain or pour into our toilet bowl to overnight before flushing.

Cleaning with baking soda:

1. Stains: Make a paste and scrub stubborn stains in coffee mugs, tea cups and plastic jugs, and it is safer to use than bleach.

2. Lift grease: Douse baking soda on barbeque grills and lets it overnight before scrubbing with a wire brush and warm water. We can also use it for grease spills on the driveway.

3. Clean marble counter-tops: Use a toothbrush sprinkled with baking soda to scrub the cracks, and wipe the counter with a baking soda and warm water solution. Rinse thoroughly, and its safe and recommended cleanser for maeble.

4. Clean silver: To remove tarnish from your silver, line a glass cassarole or stainless steel pot with aluminium foil. Place the silver on the foil so that each piece has contact, then sprinkle it with 2 or 3 tablespoons each of baking soda and salt. Pour boiling water over it just to cover, then let it soak. Rinse and wipe the pieces dry. DO NOT USE BAKING SODA AS A PASTE TO RUB ON SILVER.

5. Clean cutting boards: Use a paste of baking soda, salt and water. Rinse with hot water

6. Microwave: An easy, safe way to clean stubborn splatters is to put 2 tablespoons of baking soda in a glass of hot water, then heat for 3 minutes. Wipe clean.

7. Scrubbing power: Use it gently to cleans porcelain, enamel, tile, fibreglass and stainless steel surfaces. Safely scour way crayon or maker doodlings on walls or floors.

Personal uses for baking soda:

1. Toothpaste: Plain baking soda sprinkled on a toothbrush and dampened with water equally well, though the taste is not preferable. It's a good alternative for those who are concerned about consuming too much flouride.

2. Facial scrub: Mix a solution of three parts baking soda to one parts water to exfoliate your skin. This home remedy works well to soften skin, but it can be slightly drying if used too often, so modify it to your skin's needs. Mix baking soda and oatmeal in a blender, the oatmeal seems to offset baking soda 's burning sensation.

3. Soothing bath: For sunburns or itchy rashes from eczema,insect bites, poison ivy or chicken pox, a tepid bath baking soda provides some relief.

Bear in our mind, baking soda is not a cure-all, however, and ingesting too much can be DANGEROUS. If used correctly, it is safe, economical choise, and the important thing is a good step to reduce pollution in this world, and greatly save our green planet.


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