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15 Wedding Day Makeup and Beauty Tips

Updated on October 9, 2008

Every Bride wants to be stunning on her wedding day. With the right products and preparation, you can achieve a gorgeous look that enhances your natural beauty. Here are 15 tips to help you stay refreshed and beautiful all day long.

1. Be careful what you eat and drink the night before

Avoid drinking too much alcohol or eating spicy foods the night before your wedding. Alcohol can dehydrate you and your skin, making you look tired. Spicy food can also make you look flushed, making your skin tone uneven. I am sure you will want to have a little bit of champagne or wine at your rehearsal dinner, but be careful not to drink too much. Keep drinking water throughout the night to keep hydrated.

2. Drink Cool Water

It is very important to keep drinking cool, refreshing water throughout the day. The more hydrated your body stays, the more awake and stunning your skin will look as well. Try putting a couple of cucumber slices in the water. They are known for having cooling properties and will keep you from getting flushed. Keep sipping throughout the day.

3. Avoid Heavy Creams

Heavy cream moisturizers can make your skin feel nice, but after a short time under pressure, they can make you perspire. Creams will start to weigh you down and might even begin to make your skin feel a bit greasy throughout the day. Instead, try using a light moisturizing body wash in the shower. Just before you get out, rinse with cool water so that you leave the shower cool and refreshed. This is especially important in the summer months or if you are having your reception or wedding outside in the sun.

4. Use Moisture Absorbing Powder

When you get out of the shower and are dried off, dust a little bit of moisture absorbing powder all over your body from your bra line to your feet. Nerves can make brides sweat, which can lead to problems with your undergarments and hosiery. The powder will keep you fresh and dry throughout the day.

5. Use A Strong Antipersperant

The night before your wedding, put on a strong anti-persperant like Secret Clinical Strength. Reapply after your shower as well for all day protection. Just be careful that you don't have residue left under your arms or on your dress.

Warren Tricomi Calming Serum
Warren Tricomi Calming Serum
Coco Martinelli Mattifying Gel
Coco Martinelli Mattifying Gel

6. Keep the Frizz Down

Avoid using alcohol-based gells on your hair and try a calming serum instead. Apply a small amount while your hair is still damp to keep any frizz down. My favorite is Warren Tricomi's calming serum, which can be found at many online retailers.

7. Try using a Mattifying Gel

If you have oily skin or are worried about extra shine throughout the day, try using a mattifying gel. Apply a small amount to clean skin before applying your foundation or any other makeup. Mattifying Gels like the one made by Coco Martinelli give your skin equilibrium and even tone.

8. Use the right shade of Foundation and Concealer

Make sure to test the color of your foundation and concealer ahead of time. Some people have a tendency to go too light with their concealer, but that actually does the opposite of what you want, bringing dark circles and blemishes to the top. Mix a bit of the concealer with your foundation to make sure the shade and tone is consistent, then apply to blemishes or problem areas lightly.

9. Use a Foundation Brush

When applying your foundation, use a brush! Using your fingers or a sponge can leave your skin oily and shiney.

10. Use Kleenex to remove extra oils

After you have put on your foundation and blush, press a Kleenex against your skin. This will remove any extra oils on your skin and leave pure pigment instead. You will see the benefits of this in your photos when your skin looks beautiful and shine free. Keep Kleenex or Oil Obsorbing Blotting papers on hand throughout the day and especially during pictures to control any extra shine.

11. Use Light Layers

When you start applying makeup to your eyes, it is best to use light layers rather than putting a ton of one color on your lids. Start with pale white or natural tone and then build from there, layering the colors. This helps the makeup to stay on longer, even if you are going to be in the heat of the sun.

12. Play up your Eyelashes

Make sure to play up your eyelashes and your eyeliner. It will really make your eyes stand out for the pictures! If you decide to use fake eyelashes, all you need is a single lash. If you start to go for the double lashes, they can look pretty fake.

13. Take time with your Lips

I have found that the best process when applying lipstick is to take your time and apply in layers. Start by lightly powdering your lips, which gives the color a firm base to hold onto. Then use your lip pencil to outline your lips and also to fill in your entire lip. Next, apply your chosen lipstick over the pencil color, blot, dust with powder, and apply again. Using a long lasting lipstick like Covergirl Outlast Lip Color will help keep your color vibrant all day long. If you want a bit of extra shine, add a little bit of lipgloss to the middle of your bottom lip and rub them together.

14. Carry Caudalie Beauty Elixir!!

This is one of my favorite products in the world! It was developed from the "elixir of youth" that Queen Isabella of Hungary used to use to keep her looking young. It is made up of Grape, orange blossom, rose, organic balm mint, and myrhh. All you need is just a small bottle so that you can spray a light mist onto your face when you need to refresh your makeup. It also tightens your pores and seals in your makeup, keeping it fresh and beautiful all day long! You can find it at stores like Sephora and Ulta, as well as others.

15. Practice Ahead of Time

Whether you are doing your own hair and makeup or you are hiring a professional, you do not want to leave your wedding look to chance. Take some time to look through some bridal magazines and fashion magazines, cutting out pictures of what you like best and would like to try. Then, set up a date to "audition" your wedding look. Play around with different combinations and speak up about what you like and what you don't. Take notes about what products you finally decided to use and which lipcolor, etc, so there will be no guesswork when the big day finally arrives!!

These are just a few suggestions about how to stay beautiful and fresh throughout your entire wedding day. Please feel free to add any comments or suggestions for other brides in the comment section below. And if you like this article, please give it a thumbs up vote just above the comment area. Thanks for reading!

♥ Abigail


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