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21st Century Divination: Googlemancy!

Updated on May 19, 2007

Bibliomancy has always been part of the school of divination. Originally, of course, the "reader" would use the bible: ask the question, open to a page at random (without looking) and point to a verse (again without looking). As a side note, I always wondered what would happen if the verse in question was "Judas hanged himself."

Being not of a biblical bent (duh!) but having been a theater major 20+ years ago, I quickly discovered that bibliomancy worked just fine with the complete works of Shakespeare. Same technique: close your eyes, open the book, and point to a line.

Of course, as with any form of divination, some interpretation is in order. Some sentences like "Cry havoc and cut loose the dogs of war!" means basically one thing, but "I am a spirit of no common rate" is a little more subtle.

Yesterday I stumbled across a divination term I hadn't seen before: Googlemancy. Apparently the technique is the same, but instead of the bible or Shakespeare, you use the Google search engine. You type in your question - or the key words of your question - and hit the "I'm feeling lucky" button.

Intrigued and skeptical, I decided to give it a try. The question uppermost on my mind is whether or not my family will ever be able to move away from the small, ugly, stinky New Mexico town we live in. So I typed a few keywords into Google and a blog popped up - a blog of someone I do not know. The things that leaped out at me from the blog was "temporarily exiled in ____" and the fact that the guy was really trying to make the best of things while he was here. I think the lesson here is obvious.

So my advice is: give Googlemancy a try! You never know what the Gods have to say - or how they choose to say it!


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    • profile image

      Lea Williams 6 years ago

      I very much enjoyed this! It was funny and fun to read, and useful perhaps as well (we shall see after I give it a go!). =P

    • profile image

      pendulum 7 years ago

      How to communicate with Nature

      North-West Europe in pre-Christian society had the Druids. They were “seers” and spiritual leaders who promoted a close bond between humans, trees, water and stones. They are presumed to be the first to use a rock crystal quartz as a divination tool. They called this quartz : the stone of the Sun.

      Rock crystal is a pure Quartz mineral (petrified water that is a million years old)

      It is transparent, colorless and shaped as a 6-sided prism.

      In some western languages there are still references to these practices:

      Greek : krystallos : purified frozen water

      English : crystal clear : completely clear and understood

      Swedish : kristalklar : completely clear and understood

      Dutch : zonneklaar : so obviously true

      How to make your own rock crystal pendulum:

      Surf the net or shop to purchase a piece of pure transparent rock crystal quartz

      (diameter 3 centimeter)

      Make a pendant : use paper tape to wrap around the stone, leave about 3 centimeter of tape sticking out at the top and make a hole in the tape to thread a piece of string through it (length about 20 cm).

      It is important that there are no metals attached to the pendulum

      and remove rings, bracelets and wristwatch on the hand that holds it .

      How to use your own rock crystal pendulum:

      Sit in a comfortable position and hold the pendulum between thumb and first finger.

      Hold it still. (It helps if your elbow is against your body)

      Concentrate and ask mentally a question:

      if the pendulum turns clockwise the answer is negative

      if the pendulum turns anticlockwise the answer is affirmative

      The rock crystal pendulum explains itself :

      To communicate i prefer a dictionary that uses example sentences to explain the words. In this example: Longman Dictionary of Contemporay English, edition 2003

      Ask me first if the page number that you have to look up is above page 1000.

      Ask then plus or minus 100. When you know the hundreds, ask: above 50?

      Ask then plus or minus 10. When you know the decades

      ask if digit is above 5. Ask then plus or minus 1. Look up page nr and ask

      which word i want you to look at.

      This may seem an elaborate method but ones you have mastered it,

      it takes about a minute to know the word or sentence that is your answer

      I give an example : i do not like the term “radiesthesia: to receive information with a dowsing rod or pendulum [compound of the prefix radi(o)-, referring to radiation and the rare term aesthesia meaning "perception by the senses", or "the capacity for feeling or sensation", which comes from the ancient Greek aisthesis "a perceiving"].

      My movements have nothing to do with radiation nor with the senses of the user...

      I prefer a new verb : “to penpoint”

      page 1215 : left column : Pen & page 1260 : right column : Point

      definition :

      page 590 : right column: Word : Filing :

      use part of the sentence : “ The work of arranging” & “and “

      page 713 : left column: Word : Grind out :

      use part of the sentence : “ ... to produce information” &

      “with a rock crystal pendulum”

      Search the Internet using the penpoint method: Words : “ecological” & “foot”

      hit : The importance of Living an Ecological Life:

      Ever wondered how much “nature” your lifestyle requires? You are about to find out...