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5 Common Mistakes Of New Affiliate Marketers

Updated on April 14, 2008

Since the invention of the internet, there seems to be more and more individuals rushing to claim there "pot of gold". Just like the brick and mortar retail world there have been a few stand outs such as ebay, myspace, google, and yahoo, however most of the noise is just noise. Though there are a few ways to make a average living from the comfort of your home, Affiliate marketing seems to one of the most promising ways of making this a reality. There are many misconceptions and mistakes that are made by newcomers to the world of affiliate marketing, this is a list of the five most common.

Common mistake number one: promoting any and every link

Doing research online and finding these promising and seemingly easy methods of making money is exciting in the begining and causes most newcomers to stop the research and just start throwing up links. This is the absoute worst mistake any new affiliate marketer can make. Nothing is more important to affiliate marketing than research and patience. Research your product and only promote products that you truely believe are of good value. The Majority of business is repeat business and the only way to truely make a living as an affiliate marketer is by building customers who have trust in your products.

Common Mistake Number Two: Not building a opt in email list

The majority of internet purchasers have one thing in common, They are afraid of a "rip off". With all the "scams" on the internet the average customer has become more and more afraid of spending money online and with the ease of surfing many sites shopping around for the best value has never been easier, This is why every affiliate marketer MUST have an opt in email list. New customers may be interested however fell a little discomfort when it comes time to spend the money, also it may not be convienient for them to purcahse at the time they are viewing your products. They are obviously interested in your products or information so why not offer them the service of fresh new information weekly. This will allow you to promote your new products while making your new customer (that you otherwise would never have) feel more comfort with your business by the week.

Common Mistake Number Three: Harassing your prospects

While opt in emails is a very powerful tool for the affiliate marketer, it can also ruin your business if not used wisely. It is easy to turn an opt in newsletter into spam, your newsletter should be sent no more than twice a week and must provide quality information promoting no more than one product at a time. Send out to many emails, and you will find yourself in the spam folder of your customers email very quickly.

Common Mistake Number Four: Promoting to many products

Affiliate marketers quickly find that there is never enough time in one day. You must become an expert on your product which will take hours and hours of research. Promote one product at a time in order to stay focused, and wait untill one product becomes profitable before moving on to the next. This will allow you to learn from experience and put it to use once you move on.

Common Mistake Number Five: Giving up to quick

Affiliate marketing is like finding the perfect spouse, you wait for them to come to you and when that doesn't work you go out looking. You make mistakes and finally one day it comes to you. This type of business takes, discipline, persistence, and patience. Very few people will make money over night stay focused and don't find yourself lured into the "get rich quick schemes", as these will never bring a steady income or a sense of satisfaction.


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    • profile image

      Affiiliate Chad 10 years ago

      These are all very helpful tips. They are really good things to take into considerartion when starting into internet marketing.