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5 Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Cooks. $10 or Less for Each Cooking Gadget Here

Updated on December 23, 2008

Can Santa Cook?

Got a family member that loves to cook? Here are 5 stocking stuffers style gifts, none of which costs more than about 10$ (many cost quite a bit less) and each one of these gifts is sure to be appreciated. In fact, each of these gifts will be more than just appreciated…each of these gifts will get seriously used!

1. An Instant Read Thermometer

This is an indispensible tool in any professional kitchen. Know when meats are cooked EXACTLY as you like the, and take all of the guess work out of roast turkeys and BBQ'd steaks. These only cost a few bucks – take a precise internal temperature instantly and will make anyone a better cook. A must have in every kitchen.

2. Kitchen Tongs

Here's another very simple and very inexpensive tool that although features only occasionally in home kitchens is used by EVRY chef in the nation. You aren’t looking for anything fancy here either (Fancy ones tend to be worse, actually). Just simple aluminum, light weight, 10 inches or so chefs tongs. They don't need any special wooden or plastic handles or anything like that – just the plain Jane aluminum tongs – that's what you need! You can do pretty much anything you do with a spatula with tongs, and you can turn foods on the heat with far greater ease and precision using tongs. These are great!

3. A Good Paring Knife

You don't really need a full butchers block full of knives – in fact, you mostly just need a single high quality chef's knife. But if you're going to add a second knife to the repertoire, a good quality paring or utility knife can come in handy.

4. A Rubber Spatula

These are just great at scraping things out of bowls. They work so well that every serious cook should have a couple. It doesn't sound all that important, but no one who has used a rubber spatula to deal with an ornery batter or dough thinks they are silly! Cheap as chips too and always appreciated.

5. A Microplane Grater

These rasp like graters work much better than anything else on the market for hard cheese, ginger lemon zest etc. They aren’t fancy but they work great great great!

There you have it. 5 easy gift ideas - None of which will break the bank and all of which will be of use in the kitchen.

Put a smile on somebody's face this Christmas morning!


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