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5 Tips Protect Your Identity

Updated on October 27, 2008

5 Tips to Protect Your Identity

1. Use security software that updates automatically.

2. Use an ID number other than your SSN as the identifier.

3. Shred any confidential info with your SSN or financial data.

4. Carry the minimal number of cards and ID info. Never carry passwords

5. Easily remember and secure your online passwords, Password Manager.

Don't let your Internet security become a horror story.

Here are some ZoneAlarm success stories.

* Before installing ZoneAlarm, I was installing a fresh copy of Windows XP and before I could complete the updates I had a virus. After that, I purchased 2 things. ZoneAlarm and a router, then rebuilt the computer again. Since then I have had little trouble with viruses and spyware. ZoneAlarm Suite

has helped to stop many issues surfing the net.

- Brian M., ZoneAlarm Security Suite user

I've used the free version of ZoneAlarm for many years and have used the Security Suite for three. Thanks to Security Suite , in that time I have not had a single problem with any sort of malware - period! What's more, I've had very little to do in setting the program up as it learned very nicely what's expected of it and what's needed. There were a few glitches in earlier releases - nothing major - but this last release appears to work flawlessly. Taking the above into account, it makes sense to me that I will, most likely, use ZoneAlarm products to the exclusion of anything else.

- Nicholas S., ZoneAlarm Security Suite user

I have used ZoneAlarm for almost a decade now on all Microsoft OS's without any trouble at all. Always stable and always there. In our small office, we work behind a hardware firewall but use static IP's on all our machines. Using ZoneAlarm, we restrict access to just those known IP's so when a subcontractor connects their laptop to our network, all they can access is the printer and Internet. Our servers and individual machines are invisible. This saved us more than once when an infected laptop came into our shop and connected to the LAN. It is great to see 8 to 10 screens all pop up with a ZoneAlarm Pro alert's saying an intrusion was blocked. It is also an eye opener for subcontractors who thought they had a 'clean machine'. Thanks for the peace of mind and easy to use flexibility!

- Donald H., ZoneAlarm Pro user


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    • Bharatthapa profile image

      Bharat Thapa 5 years ago from NEW DELHI

      Nice, you did lot of research for all of this!!! Nice work!!!