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5 tips for potty training a puppy fast and easy

Updated on October 10, 2009

Is your puppy peeing and pooping all over your expensive carpet?

 No, your puppy doesn't hate you. Nor does he do that on purpose. Your little pooch simply does not know any better. These 5 tips for potty training a puppy will keep your floor and carpet clean forever (well, doggy clean anyway).

2 basic principles of puppy potty training

 Before I tell you the puppy potty training tips, there are 2 things you need to understand when it comes to your puppy and dogs in general.

First of all, dogs like to keep their den clean. Your puppy will not eliminate in it's eating and sleeping area.

Second, dogs have an innate desire to please their owners or human pack.

If you combine these two understandings with my 5 puppy potty training tips, you are heading for happy house trained puppy.

2. Schedule

 The 2nd of my 5 tips for potty training a puppy is to set up a schedule. Do this as soon as, or even before, you take your puppy home with you the first time. On average, a puppy needs to eliminate every 4 hours. Keep this in mind when setting up  your schedule and take your puppy outside after every meal, after waking up and after playtime.

3. Consistency and persistence

 I wanted to make them two separate tips for potty training a puppy but one really cannot go without the other. Potty training your puppy will take time. It is important you commit to it. Follow the schedule, do not make excuses, this could add weeks or even months to the potty training. And remember you are the pack leader. Do not give your puppy the opportunity to start sniffing around and playing when you take him outside to go potty. Keep him on a leash until he did his business, let him play or run around after that. Do not go back inside before your puppy went potty. Yes, even when it is raining, snowing or 10 degrees outside.

4. Name it

 To avoid the above scenario of standing in the rain for 20 minutes waiting for your adult dog to go potty, teach your puppy a command to eliminate. It does not matter what word you use, "potty" is probably a good one, just make sure it is short. In future when you are running short on time or about to drown in the rain, you can simply tell your dog to eliminate on command. This is one of the best puppy potty training tips you will still enjoy years from now.

5. Clean it

 The last of the 5 tips for potty training a puppy is to thoroughly clean up any accidents. Dogs can smell a lot better than humans. So just a hint of urine is enough to confuse your puppy and make him think it is okay to eliminate in that area.

Need more tips for potty training a puppy?

These 5 puppy potty training tips should help you a long way and reduce a lot of frustration.

If these do not stop your puppy from using your living room as an indoor toilet, click on the link for more tips for potty training a puppy.


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