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7 Critical Elements to Make Your Basketball Practice Drills Fun

Updated on March 31, 2008

All youth basketball coaches fight this battle.

You want your players to practice hard, develop skills, and become better basketball players.

But you also want them to have fun. Unfortunately, skill development can be monotonous and NOT very enjoyable!

So what do you do?

Follow these seven simple, yet highly effective steps and we guarantee that your players will love you for it…

#1 – Make your practices fast paced.

Kids enjoy fast paced fun basketball drills and practices. They don’t like waiting around and they lose focus when things are moving slowly.

So you must keep them moving at all times.

Your players should NOT be standing in lines waiting. They should move from drill to drill efficiently, and they should participate in drills that are highly active and fast paced.

#2 – Set your players up for success.

Position your players to experience success, otherwise, they’ll become discouraged and lose their enthusiasm.

The simple fact is that ALL young players need to enjoy success at some level, and it’s your job to set them up for achievement, be it large or small.

#3 – Establish discipline.

In order for your players to have a fun basketball practice, there must be order and discipline. This will allow you to run a smooth and organized practice, giving everyone the opportunity to learn and enjoy themselves in a safe and productive environment.

#4 – Get your players’ attention.

Young players have very short attention spans, so it can be difficult to grab their attention and hold it. However, it’s important to be able to do so in order to run a productive practice.

#5 – Structure your practice properly.

It’s tricky for new coaches to know how to organize a practice—when to give breaks, when to use certain drills and for how long. But a good structure can break up the monotony, save time, and keep things flowing smoothly.

#6 – Stay positive and upbeat.

Your mood can be contagious. If you’re down, your players will pick up on it, which makes for a miserable practice.

Everything starts with you, so keep a positive and upbeat attitude and the team will follow suit.

#7 – Make your basketball drills fun.

In order to develop basketball skills, you MUST run drills. There’s just no way around ‘em. Drills should account for at least 75% of your practice time. So if your drills are boring, 75% of your practice will be boring.

To get specific information on these tips to make your basketball drills fun visit:


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    • profile image

      Top Sports Star 

      8 years ago

      Four-minute stations work great for a large group of young players. Simply set up a station at each basket or in different areas of the gym with a coach or parent at each one. You might have cones set up for dribbling in one area and chairs set up in another area for Musical Slides.

    • profile image

      Jason Roatan  

      8 years ago

      I agree with making the drills fun. They need to consist of running, passing, dribbling, and shooting all in one. Get creative, use teamwork.


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