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7 Marketing Secrets They Won't Teach You In Business Schools

Updated on November 5, 2007

Marketing Secrets 101

Anyone who’s in business for themselves knows that marketing degrees are useless, unless you’re able to turn that knowledge into profit. Cold hard cash in the bank. Lots of successful marketers have made a gold mine, and never set foot into a college classroom.

This article is not about whether or not going to college is the right thing, but instead, it’s about enlightening you to some core concepts of marketing. They are so simple, that when you read them, you may ask yourself why you never thought of this before. So simple, yet so powerful.

Here Are The 7 Secrets:

  1. People are begging to be led. They are begging to know more about your service or product. Educate your clients. Your wallet will thank you. When you take the time to educate your prospects about everything about your services and products, you’ll sell almost twice as many people as you do now. So, even if you’re doing good now, you can do better.
  2. Tell people what to do and be specific. You have to lead your prospects into action. People need to be told what to do, how to act to get your product. Every sales letter, call, email, or contact should make the case for your products. Give them a brief education, and then take them by the hand and lead them to the buying act. If you’re selling something with a limited time offer, then you need to be really clear here. You’ve got to tell them to pick up the phone or order right now. Don’t be vague.
  3. Marketing NOT money is your ultimate financial leverage. When you run your ads, it will cost you x-amount of dollars. Regardless of whether or not your ad generates 15, 200, or 2,000 sales, the cost of your ad remains the same. So if you’ve been getting 200 sales from that same ad, and you generate 1,000 then you’ve boosted your leverage dramatically. You may not think that you can get your ads to produce 10 or 100 times greater for the same amount of money, but you can. You start by testing your ads. Test every component. That includes headlines, themes, offers, guarantees, body copy, bullets, and so forth. Go over the information with a fine tooth comb, and analyze your results. This is something very few sellers do, so you must be meticulous about it. Once you get into the habit of testing, you’ll immediately know which ads produce more sales, profits and buyers. No questions. No doubts.
  4. Advertising is nothing more than salesmanship in print. Well, it really is more than just print, since we have TV and radio. But in essence, it’s all about salesmanship. Virtually no one understands this concept. Your advertising needs to be constructed and implemented in the same demanding way a salesperson makes a pitch to a prospect. Your ads should make a complete case for your products. It should advocate your products to the prospect and be informative, educational and factually supportive. In addition, your ads need to be so compelling as to create a vision of your product in the prospect’s mind.
  5. People will not appreciate what you’ve done for them or what you will do for them. Unless you educate them, they will not appreciate anything and may even suspect a trick. One of the biggest marketing mistakes that people do is failing to educate customers about unique advantages that are being offered to them. If you’ve reviewed 200 or 300 different manufacturing companies of the products you’re selling, then let your clients know. If your guarantee is two times longer or covers 4 times more problems than your competition, let your prospects know. They will not know unless you point this out to them.
  6. Bonuses can boost your overall sales proposition. You can carefully acquire high perceived value bonus products, that are at the same time of low cost to you. When you do this, your business stands head and shoulders above the rest. You’re providing real value to the customer. Make a list of about 30 no cost or low cost products that are high perceived value to your customers and prospects. There are really an infinite amount of bonuses that you can package together.
  7. Put the risk on you, not the customer. Your prospects always seek a risk when you’re selling something to them. They are forever afraid of being scammed or ending up with something they don’t want. Assume the risk and remove that objection. You’ll have a huge advantage over your competitors. Most businesses try to hide or de-emphasize their guarantee. Emphasize your guarantee and give your prospects a valuable bonus. You’ll make it hard for the resist.

These are 7 marketing secrets, they won’t teach you in any business school. Print these out and keep them near your desk. Go over them several times a day for a few months, until they are imprinted into your mind. Implement them and watch your profits soar. If you are interested in the ultimate marketing solutions for your business visit


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