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7 Out Of 15 Designers Are Out For Project Runway Season 4

Updated on October 1, 2007

You Want Me To Be Shocked?

I love telling everyone that I was chosen as the Ultimate Fan Blogger for Season 3 of Project Runway (contact Bravo now and let them know you want me to blog for season 4 - subtle, right?). I've watched since the first episode of season 1 and while I don't know if I truly am the "Ultimate Fan" (there are many people who claim to be at this point) I do loves me some Runway. However, the shocking news that there were originally four male designers claiming to be gay in the new season and then the tally went up to seven (leaving one straight male designer) was not as big a shock as Jeffrey winning last season. 7 out of 15 designers are out for Project Runway Season 4 - Don't Get Me Started!

As if Bravo wasn't the gay, gay, gayer than gay network as it is (remember that they were the ones who brought Queer Eye over from the UK, have the show Working Out with the lesbian workout Nazi and that OCD freak on their Flipping Out name a few) it would seem that it's going to get a whole lot gayer. Never mind that Tim Gunn (who is currently boring them in the aisles with his own show) will be back this season but we'll also get to see designer fave Michael Kors pout his lips and say, "I was underwhelmed" for another season too. All of this is fine with me but when the major gay sites start touting the news that so many of the designers will be gay I just have to say that if they're looking for me to muster up some surprise, I just can't do it.

I mean, come on, let's face it, one of the reasons that any stereotype is funny at all is the fact that there is a large percentage in the group that actually act that way. Like it or not (and if the Bravo and other TV execs had their way, it's the only view of gays we'd ever see) there are some major queens out there. Add some chiffon, taffeta and having to make designer fashions out of what you find in your apartment and tell me you aren't going to have some swish with your swatches? I love the gays (and as I am one that's a good thing, wouldn't you say?) and so I love them all - swishy, butch or just your average forty-something gay like me. Because at the end of the day what we're all looking for is acceptance, right? So why not accept that some gays are screaming, limp-wristed sissy Mary la-la's (as I lovingly call them)? If it makes them happy and they make me laugh then okay, it's good TV (and I don't mean TV like transvestite mind you).

So I say, bring on the gays but don't ask me to be shocked that a show about fashion designers has gays (or so many as some articles put it) on it. It's expected, demanded and as some gay organization just came out with its gay scorecard for the networks' new season (apparently we're down something like 2 lead gays and a couple of supporting gays this season but I think we gained a transsexual - go team) they need to give Bravo a pink Pulitzer prize for the most "pride" when it comes to gays on television.

And for those who swore off Runway last season after the upset of the Jeffrey win, come on, you know you'll be back to watch the new season with the rest of us. I read the comments to my blog and I also read the message boards but come on people, how can you honestly resist? There could be another Austin Scarlett or a Chloe or even, dare I say it, the most Auntie Mame television character in recent history, Laura this season and do you want to miss out on all of that? You know you don't. And in the words of Tim Gunn, I say, "Carry on!" But don't ask me to be surprised that for once we gays are outnumbering the straights in something crazy like say, fashion. 7 out of 15 designers are out for Project Runway Season 4 - Don't Get Me Started!

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