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A Journey to Commnunity Health Nursing

Updated on January 16, 2009

A Care To Remember...

Laughter's That Inspires Our Motivation
Laughter's That Inspires Our Motivation

Nursing: Start of our struggle...


         " In a world of dark, let us bring the light of hope towards our clients.."

           Me and my buddy here graduated in a separate school. Compassion and the will to render health care needs of the many oppress people in our country united our minds to choose this particular course, a course were some of our countrymen called as maids in the hospital, caregiver of the sick and contagious people, but despite of those obscene words, discouragement did not occupy our minds, yet we still chose and enrolled in Bachelor of science In Nursing.

       Start of struggle...After graduating high school, it never came up in my mind to enrol in this course, why? aside from the huge amount it demands every semester, I was really thinking that the course itself is too difficult to accomplish and complicated since we deal between life and death, a single mistake can change everything, specifically the lives of our clients, and yet it is too difficult to make remedies for we have only one chance to save a life than to kill. But enlightenment brought me here now, I've realize that my passion in life is to help other people, specially the sick ones and those with disabilities, so nursing maybe the right course for me.

         Poverty....Choosing the course question my intillegence on how to pay my tuition that even a piece of uniform is already expensive enough in compare to the meals of our daily lives. Crisis is vastly dominating, a need for budgeting is required to survive..Practicality applies, and motivation for a certain action is diminishing...How?...

         Easy to say but hard to find a way... 





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    • Nurzing Studz profile image

      Cid Rusiana 9 years ago from Cebu.Philippines

      thank you for viewing our hub..hope to see you soon with our hubs..please inform us through giving a coment or suggestion after you visited our hubs..thanks..we will do our best to serve you more