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A Leading Jewish Mother Reveals Healing Properties Of Cinnamon And Dark Chocolate

Updated on November 5, 2007

Screw Leading Doctors Opinions, Here's My Jewish Mother's Opinion on Foods With Healing Properties

It was just my typical Sunday night dinner with the folks. A lovely pot roast, some sweet potatoes and a broccoli/carrot mix. What could be bad, right? Well, none of it was bad, it was all delicious but as the meal ended and my father and I began to clear the dishes (the men have always done the dishes in my family) the weekly question began to be bantered about, "What's for dessert?" Now this is a bit odd because growing up I can't remember having dessert when we had dinner at home but now it seems as though the minute the meal is done we're all "looking for something sweet" as my family always says. During the course of looking for our something sweet the following exchanges took place and much like the scientists who research and inform, I invite you to hear a leading Jewish mother reveal the healing properties of cinnamon and dark chocolate - Don't Get Me Started!

First my father grabbed a container from the grocery store bakery with mini cinnamon buns in it. I am always shocked when my father grabs for sweets as you see he has diabetes. My mother is forever buying him things like Jordan Almonds and Peanut M&Ms which have the sugar content of oh I don't know, a bag of sugar let's say? So I'm always telling my mother, "You know you're going to put him in a diabetic coma, right?" Her response is always the same, "His sugar is fine Scott, leave the man alone. He likes them what can I tell you?" So as my father had popped three mini buns in his mouth all ready, I took a breath and was ready to begin the chastising when my mother stopped me dead in my tracks, "Scott before you start I'm just going to tell you that they've discovered that cinnamon helps people with diabetes. It's true. It's got healing properties. Don't roll your eyes at me. Those have so much cinnamon in them that I can't eat them. Much more cinnamon than sugar I'm sure." I begin, "Ma, did you look at the label? I'm sure that there is no way these things have less sugar than cinnamon. Trust me on this one, will ya? And besides, come on, the man has diabetes, should he or shouldn't he be eating these?" At this point my father has eaten three more but after a glare from me, covers them and puts them back on the counter.

Now what you need to know is that we've always called my mother an A.A.D. (Almost A Doctor) because my parents have always had medical books in the house and she is so accurate at diagnosis for anything you may have from a rash to a tumor that we call her whenever we have the slightest thing wrong with us but at the same time tease her unmercifully about being an A.D.D. We tease her because we find it funny that there have been just enough times when she thought she was dying when in fact two pages we're just stuck together or something or has said, "Let me get the book and I'll tell you what you have" just enough times that it has become fodder for our family comedy hour show.

So there we sit at the dining room table and while my father had cinnamon buns, my mother and I still haven't had anything sweet and we're thinking of all the possible options. Ice cream? There's only vanilla and who wants to go to the trouble of heating the chocolate syrup to make it seem more special than just vanilla ice cream? There's a bag of Oreos on the counter but they aren't really desserty enough. Then my mother leaves the table and returns with an enormous bag (like from Costco or one of those warehouse stores) of chocolate covered pretzels. As my mother takes both hands to lift the thing and dump it onto the table (with a thud) I look and discover that the pretzels are covered in dark chocolate (blasphemy to me who loves only milk chocolate covered pretzels more than a spring day or a feel up on city transportation). "Ach, dark chocolate mother? Who the hell wants to eat dark chocolate covered pretzels? I'm not eating those." "Scott, you obviously don't know that leading doctors say that dark chocolate is good for your heart. So it's actually a really healthy choice to make." "Ma, come on, are you really trying to sell this to me with a straight face?" Distracted, my mother has lifted one of the corners on the bag and is reading it intently, "Hmmm, wow, I had no idea there was so much fat in these things."

So there we sat, eating the pretzels (even though I hate dark chocolate) and my mother is headed back to Weight Watchers on Tuesday. Meanwhile, my father is foraging around like a bear at a campground, knowing there's something somewhere to eat but he just can't find it. We all begin to laugh. I don't know if we're laughing at each other, the fact that none of this is going to make us happy tomorrow morning when my father takes his blood sugar count and my mother and I step on the scale but we laugh all the same. And let me say, that regardless of what leading authorities might say I stand by the fact that laughter is the best medicine. And sitting there with my parents laughing and eating crap I felt healthier than I have in months. And as I kiss them goodbye and head for the door my mother say, "I know what your blog is going to be tomorrow!" (And like most mothers, she's right and knows everything.) A leading Jewish mother reveals the healing properties of cinnamon and dark chocolate - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • Earth Angel profile image

      Earth Angel 10 years ago

      GREAT Hub Scott!! "Listen to your Mother!!" (Although YOU were correct, there is much more sugar than cinnamon in those buns!!) There are benefits to cinnamon and DARK chocolate!! I add cinnamon to my tea and/or coffee each morning; I mix the cinnamon right in with the tea leaves and/or the coffee grounds!! And of course DARK chocolate is TEN times better for you than Milk chocolate!! That's because Milk chocolate is mostly fat and sugar while dark chocolate is 70%+ cocoa!! Blessings and Namaste' Earth Angel!!