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"A People's History of the United States" by Howard Zinn

Updated on July 9, 2008

Patriotism is dissent

Best selling author of “A PEOPLE ’S HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES”, Howard Zinn, has published a sequel of sorts that continues where this factual historical account leaves off, in “ORIGINAL ZINN-CONVERSATIONS ON HISTORICAL POLITICS”. Experienced as a professor, activist, historian, and Air Force veteran—he is a genius! He tells the “untold” story of undiluted facts that shock and provoke questions that the reader will undoubtedly draw more informed conclusion and clearer picture.

This is universal textbook curriculum among international universities but not in the USA, where it SHOULD be required reading for every single resident.

In the USA, we allow our public opinion to be formed by the media, which is controlled by whomever is in political power, who is essentially paid to do what is profitable for its select wealthy contributors. Sound like democracy to you?

We the people have lost the ability to think for ourselves and to demand all of the facts. How can we make informed decisions and thus support our democracy in this way? It is a sad state of affairs when other countries have a more accurate set of facts than we do about our own country and its activities and motives. One has only to listen to or read any variety of international news to gain a more broad perspective of facts. Only a true narrow mind would deduce that ALL of them are wrong and only our media is right.

The truth hurts but I for one would rather know it all and work toward both collective and personal correction in the future.

United we stand, divided we all. This does not mean that if we are in dissent of the political administration, that we are unpatriotic or “Axis of Evil”.

Discussion and opposed views are how a democracy is suppose to work where everyone is informed and equally takes part in the collective decision and majority is considered the answer.

I challenge everyone to read these books, do you have the guts for it????? The time is now for all people to become educated so to better go forward and let our voices be heard in this next election!!!!!


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