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A Story of Myself ( Part 4 )

Updated on September 6, 2008

The Childhood Scar

Scar, can be describe as a permanent mark on our body that been left uncared or untreated properly. To me, my childhood scar that exist permanently on my body is a treasure of experience that remain me of my childhood life.

The first experience of my playful childhood time happened when I was 8 years old.while playing kicking ball with friends in school at recess time, I fall awkwardly, and broke my left arms. The happening create chaos with my school teachers, because it never happen in the school before. The school headmaster have to rush me to the hospital in his car, while other teacher pick up my parents at home.I can still remember when I reach the hospital, my mother cries, and after that I can only remember I wake up the next day with my arm-plastered, feeling hungry, with my mother at the hospital bed. My arm left plastered for two weeks.

The curiosity and instinct of survival during childhood is great, the word dangerous or danger seem never exist. During my childhood time, I do have memories for some is a painful experience, but to me it is a lesson that give me a chance to educate my children on understanding the meaning of dangerous and extreme way of experiencing life. The scar,that still exist and remain on my body is a good example for to tell my children the consequences of experimenting new thing in life.

When I was in primary 5, by the age of 11 years old, while having my free time in the afternoon after school, I roam around the fruit orchard close to our home. At that time is was at the end of the fruiting season, and there are a few fruit on some fruit trees. While roaming from trees to trees, I came across a local variety of jack-fruit with a sweet smell of ripen fruit. I looked up the tall and big tree, and I can see a nice ripen fruit , which is quite high and impossible to get. As a child, full of desire, the urged to get the fruit is great. Through what I have seen from adult of how they climb and get the fruits from big and tall trees, I try to follow of how they do it, without putting any weighted thought to the consequence that might happen. While trying to reach and get the ripen fruit of the big and tall jack-fruit by coping the method used by the adult, I slipped and fall down, almost 5 meter to the ground,.... " bop".My chin knocked one of the many big roots of the jack-fruit on the surface, and my teeth pierced my tongue. My chin swollen, until my friends in school tease me by the name of "Long Chin". I suffered for many months because my parents never brings me to the hospital to seek treatment. The wound heals by itself and a left a lifelong scar until today on my tongue.

Beside the scar on my tongue that remain me of my childhood experience, on my left foot toe, precisely the big toe, it shape differently from other toe because it has been broken when I accidentally kicked a big stone on the way back from school, because I was barefooted. The broken toe are not treated properly and it heals by itself, and shaped as it is today. On my left gluteal, a scar left by a cut of a bamboo almost 10cm long is still visibly, which is also heals by itself, and never been treated properly too.

The question of why all the wound and fractured that I have never been taken seriously by parents, never came across my mind, because I knew the the situation of my parents who is poorly educated, and poor. To me, all this experience give me an opportunity to educate my children in a better way of understanding of how to learned something through their curiosity by understanding the consequences by a weighted judgment.


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