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The Good and Bad of Digital Photography Technologies

Updated on July 26, 2008

What is what...

Todays we are living in borderless world where everything is shared and recieved within a click. Most world leaders and economist world wide are struggling hards to protects the interest and personalities of their beloved country. Ha..ha..ha.. I think they are not trying hards enough, so that why they can't defeat this ever fast triving technologies. Congrats to multi-billionaire Mr. Bill Gates, who have a genius vision in taking the adventages of human crave for cybic world.

Hey, guys, sometimes we're so obbessed with wonderfull technologies that this world ever had, that for sure we forget about the goods and bads it's bring to our generation today. Yep, within this fews year in the 21st century, we, human being began to feel the pinch, its only a pinch, that hurts a bits in our everday life because of the never ending crisis in our beloved earth. From the polution, energy crisis, indifferent politicals views, old foe of religion harted, the disapearing natural habitats, climatic change,and the newest tidbits for us todays is the foods and oil crisis.

Frightening isn't it, how about digital photography? Well, yo...this beautiful creation of ours also nowadays create nuisane to us too. Because of what? To me, the answer is money, greeds and worst of all, the enemies that exist inside the human body that to me the worst virus of all, jealousy and hatred. Why do I say so, as my opinion, we open our eyes and see that all the gadgets that we have luxury to own nowadays, where else during its starts to exist can only be avaible to a specific organisation or important individual only.

One simple example, the phone camera. Weewitt....careful guys, because its can create a non privacy to our life. What about bluetooth, yep....all the things that can damages our privacy in life can be transmited any where for people to judge, like it or not, well...what to do, it happen. Next days, big news in town, and sometimes its can create chaos in town, cities or even in a country. The end parts, who is benefiting from the agenda, and what did the person responsible get....yep..I guess everbody knows what they got.

I'm not anti to any technologies, because it really help us alot in our life. My opinion is, our moralities , especially to our young generation is deteriorating fast. Who's mistake? The answers to me is who create them...adam and eve.

" Moralities "


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