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A little granddaughter reaches out across three generations

Updated on January 26, 2008

Part 6 - Days in the life of a grandpa

A little granddaughter reaches out across three generations....

Last Thursday was Amanda's turn for a walk with Grandpa.

I picked her up at my son's house at around 2:30 that afternoon. We had a couple of errands to run in town first. Something to drop off at the Salvation Army Thrift Store at Grandma's request (a donation).

Then off to the bank machine to make a deposit. The ATM bank machine is in the lobby of this bank. Just inside the main doors to the bank itself is suspended a video screen showing the camera monitor view of customers entering the bank.

Amanda and I like to play a game when we visit this bank together. So this day, like usual I say to her, "Shall we look at the little TV up there and see if we see that nice grandpa and that pretty little girl who look just like us? They always seem to be here when we are!"

She remembers, and grins. "Sure, Grandpa!" She understands it's just a video camera filming and showing us, but it's sure a fun game.

We point out things to each other. "Look - the grandpa has a yellow pen in his pocket just like me!"

"And the little girl has a top on just like mine!"

We wave good-bye to the nice grandpa and the pretty little girl, and tell them we'll see them next time.

They wave back.

Then we carry on to the private hospital where my elderly mother lives. She has Alzheimer's disease, and I am not sure if she even knows me now. But I think she does.

She usually smiles when she sees a child with me, even though she has no idea who they are (I explain who the grandchild is that week, but I don't think she can understand). I am glad she still is stirred to a smile, just seeing a child with me.

And each of the grandchildren knows they are going to see "Great-Grandma" and looks forward to it.

Amanda enjoys pushing the buttons that give us access to the different sections of the facility where Mom lives. She started off just pushing the big green buttons, and I would enter the 3-digit number codes for the more complex number pad locks.

Now she is getting older and wiser, and enjoys entering the numbers herself to unlock the doors, if I will just tell her the numbers.

Most of the grandchildren are a bit shy when we find Mom and I pull up a chair to sit beside her for a short visit. All the younger grandchildren sit on my knee.

Amanda is special. She - the most - actually tries to talk to Great-Grandma, and follows my lead in telling her a little about what we are doing that day. Mom can't answer any more, but she listens. And Amanda chats, and sometimes puts her little hand on Great-Grandma's arm like I do.

I am touched by her gentle and caring spirit, with all six years of life and maturity....


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    • profile image

      vision14 10 years ago

      Thank you for kind words sharing YOUR understanding of the privilege and enjoyment of simply making children a part of our every-day lives.

      Yes, children can sometimes try our patience, but they have much to teach us about love and trust and enjoying the simple moments of life....

    • LdsNana-AskMormon profile image

      Kathryn Skaggs 10 years ago from Southern California

      Just this small cameo, and I find it delightful!

      Thank you for bringing the clear light of a child, to the Hub. I too, have grandchildren. They are full of light wherever they are. What a wonderful trip to take with grandpa... as well as the service to your mother, and also, the service and love you are teaching your little one.

      Isn't grandparenting the most remarkable part of our lives? Each day spent with them... is of a higher education, which is startling to those who are privileged to be in the presence of these little ones again... but with the perspective of who they are... and what we are blessed to learn from them.