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A serious nutt case: More to know about a dark soul

Updated on August 10, 2008

You can never get a second copy of me from a photo -copy machine:P

Might also be described as a blind person still working on finding her way through the dark roads of life. To me life has its ups and downs. Yet, the vision of a better future in addition to my so called noisey (metal which i lv) music keeps me holding on.

Like a todler still learning how to walk on its feet, i too have a lot to learn in this life time.I've found my soul mate in music and peotry. As a last resort peotry was my guiding star that kept me one piece. I can't draw , yet words can be my painting brush.

I tend to espress myself in very obserd ways, funny faces.Yet, you can never sense what is really on my mind unless i let it all out or share a couple of peoms with you.They might seem to some out of place and childish, yet they mean alot to me.A nutt case as some say, i always emjoy music of my own taste.A complex character that might take you years to understand but deep down inside i am a good person trying to hold on like me and you.Life has taught me to be tough and never shut up when its right.Yet, i do nothing without reason.My whole life rotates around my family, schooling and music.

You can always tell when you meet a serious nutt case and today my friends you have enjoy:D



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