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Quality Carpenter in need of work

Updated on November 2, 2008

Quality Carpenter in need of work

I am a hard working Carpenter that has 30 years of Carpentry experience I am tired of working for people that give you a check after your hard work that comes back as insufficient funds or closed account (twice that has happened). Or after all of the hard work they just decided that they didn't want to pay. This is an outrage... I am not use to dealing with people like this. I have pictures of the work that I have done and it is complete and exquisite in it's workmanship and design.. These are jobs that were extremely time consuming. I can't live on promises alone. I lost my house over one of the jobs. Because I believed in the person that kept telling me that he would make it right! I can't begin to tell you how much my trust for people has gotten me into trouble. I am extremely detailed in my work and I just expect to get paid what is promised. I live in Los Angeles County and have done most of my work in Beverly Hills. I have plenty of Pictures and Documentation to back that up. However these were Contracted by the owners and not by a Contractor. I would appreciate a Licensed Contractor that has work.....(which I know is scarce) to give me the chance to show them what excellent work I do. If you are tired of fly by night workers and you want someone that actually knows what they are doing....... Please contact me at I will be more that happy to talk to you.


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