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Acupressure for Back Pain

Updated on June 25, 2008

Acupressure for Back Pain

Recently it has been proven in Western studies that acupressure is incredibly effective in giving back pain relief. Recent findings published in the British Medical Journal have confirmed the effectiveness of acupressure treatment for sufferers of lower back pain. This latest research showed better results using acupressure for back pain relief than other methods of physical therapy. After six acupressure treatments, study participants reported both an immediate improvement in their condition, and the results were long lasting.

What Is Acupressure for Back Pain

Acupressure is a safe and gentle alternative therapy used to relieve symptoms from many common disorders. Unlike some forms of Western medicine, this therapy does not involve the use of any invasive techniques. Acupressure is an ancient Chinese medical practice which targets the same acupoints used in acupuncture. The difference is that acupressure uses pressure rather than needles. The pressure is most commonly applied with fingertips on the specific acupressure points on your skin.

Back pain is often a chronic and disabling condition, so acupressure could truly be an answer for many back pain sufferers the world over.

Benefits of Acupressure for Back Pain

Using drug-free approaches to pain management is essential especially when pain is chronic in order to avoid problems with harmful side-effects of pain medication, such as cardiac dysfunction, bleeding gut and liver and kidney failure, over time. It is also important to utilize treatment that actually works on improving the condition, rather than just masking the symptoms. Because acupressure for back pain does both, it is very effective and safe in curing ailments and promoting health.

Does Acupressure for Back Pain Really Work?

Over the past thirty years, many Western scientific institutions have shown the effectiveness of acupressure for back pain. Research at these top institutes has clearly shown that acupressure works on the physical, not psychological, healing system of the body. Thus you don't need to be a "believer" to gain back pain relief by acupressure, like millions of people already have.

Acupressure for Back Pain: See a professional and Do-It-Yourself

In order to get a full back pain acupressure treatment you could see an acupressure practitioner. Luckily, you can use by yourself most of the techniques used by the professional acupressure massagers to reduce pain and heal your back pain.

Take a step towards better self-care today, and take advantage of this effective approach to health and wellness by visiting for more information about back pain acupressure.


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    • profile image

      Connie 6 years ago

      sharp pain as well as dull ache. subject to spasms. Restricted mobility.

    • BackPainGuide profile image

      BackPainGuide 8 years ago

      This back pain treatment known as 'accupressure' is one of the best alternative to common treatment of back pain. I should know because I tried it and it really worked. Nice info wboman256.