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Updated on June 29, 2017

Can Adsense make you big money?

The answer in a nutshell is yes. You have to have a good idea and you have to work hard at it. The majority of us drones will have to settle for a more reasonable amount of adsense income. But if you want proof that Adsense can bring in the big bucks then check out this blogpost from the creator of the plentyoffish website

Big Bucks with adsense

The Cost Free Google program to generate income

The Adsense program revolutionized the online world. If you have a website and you aren't using this program you  are losing money! The program places targeted ads on your website and it pays you when users click on the ads. The two important things to remember here are that first it places targeted ads on your site. That means that the ads are relative to what your web visitors are looking for. The second important thing is that Google pays you for this.

How to sign up for the program

The adsense program pays real money and it takes a little bit of work to sign up for it but it is well worth the effort.

To sign up: You will have to fill out a standard form with name, address and other information. You will also have to disclose some personal information for tax purposes.

You will also need to disclose the url of your website or websites. Google takes their adsense and adwords programs very seriously and they will first examine your site for suitable content.  This approval process may take a few days but once approved you are ready to start placing ads on your site.

Note: Be sure to fully read and comply with the terms of conditions. Any violation would result in termination of your account. Google takes a very aggresive stance against any person or company trying to skirt the rules.

Sign up here: Google Adsense signup



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