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Advanced Quantum Self Help Makes Real Matrix Technology Available to All

Updated on October 30, 2008

In Only Three Minutes a Week


If you watched The Matrix like hundreds of millions of people around the world, you remember when Neo downloaded Kung Fu to his mind in a few seconds and Trinity downloaded helicopter flying instructions over a mobile phone into her mind. This concept is not so far-fetched after all.

A new technology that embraces the relationship between the quantum world and the human mind is creating quite a buzz in the world of self help. Normally dominated by self-help "gurus", workshops, books, seminars, lectures, movies, audios and more, the self-help industry is bracing itself for an impact of monstrous proportions.

A new technology may be the world's heavyweight champion in human potential advancing systems. In an amazingly short three minutes a week, you can log into a website, watch a customized visual and audio presentation that is geared towards a specific area of your life and then watch it again in 7 days.

In that short period of time, your mind has just absorbed a *MASSIVE* amount of information that it will process by building new connections in the brain that correspond to what you just watched. Many people are saying their lives were turned around literally overnight.

Synchronicities start happening more frequently, sleep is better than ever, dreams are more vivid, creativity is at a new high, intelligence is boosted, weight loss is triggered, healthy eating habits start showing up and so many other astounding changes in people's lives that it would fill a large volume.

As a matter of fact, the technology is so powerful and effective that the brain/mind connection starts responding so powerfully that unless you have enough absorbable amino acids available for use by your brain in your system, you just may get a little tired.

Most people use spirulina to address this need. Think about this fact - What other mind power technology or method is so powerful you need a brain supplement to prevent from getting tired?

And get this... there are no subliminal messages involved! It is something so entirely different that most people cannot comprehend this. It takes advantage of the most advanced quantum principles in order to communicate directly with your mind in its own language!

It has been predicted for a long time that machine to mind communication would be a possibility and it looks like it is finally here. This new technology has another delivery component in its bag of tricks. Besides the audio and visual part of the presentations, there is a hardware booster that is periodically sending out your module's instructions directly into the matrix or collective unconsciousness and your subconscious mind will grab on to them and get to work. AND, it doesn't matter if it is from thousands of miles away!

Mind to machine influence has already been proven at universities around the world and a research group at Princeton is the most popular department that was involved in proving that pure intention can influence random number or random event generators.

Another component to this is that your subconscious mind is influencing random events, which determine in which order the technology module instructions are being delivered. To view the candy store of life worth of products, you can visit a website here:


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    • Juliet Christie profile image

      Juliet Christie Murray 

      9 years ago from Sandy Bay Jamaica

      Well this is awful. do you realise that many of the crimes  that young people do could be influenced by some of the games they play on these  machines that affect their minds.Parents need to supervise the games their children play


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