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Advantage of a Digital Video CCTV System

Updated on March 9, 2007

Digital Video Recorder CCTV System

There are many advantages of having a dvr system vs a standard vhs system. When your using the standard vhs cctv security system you are at a disadvantage. Why, you ask? Well, when you are using vhs you have to change a tape everyday and sometimes twice a day. Even if you are using a time lapse vcr which allows you to record for longer lengths of time, you will still have to change tapes. In addition to the inconvience of changing tapes you will also have to have some place to store them. Not to mention the cost of buying them. I mean, you go through all that trouble and then the video quality isn't even that good. The simple solution to all the head ache is to go digital.

When you purchase a dvr cctv system you are making a very wise investment. Digital Video Recorders are the hottest thing today in surviellance. You will probably spend more money intially, but you will save a bunch of money over time. All you need to get started is 1 dvr unit, 1 to 4 camera's dependingon your needs, and your ready to go! Installation is quick and easy. Now things may get a little difficult when programming your camera's but most manufactures offer great tech support if you gat stuck. For a starter system I would recomend a system from pelco. I work with this brand and there equipment is very easy to work with. Also, there are many options to choose from.

Now, for the advantages. First, you will no longer be changing tapes. The average system will retain video for 90 to 180 days. This will be determined by how you set your cameras to record. That's 6 months of video retention. When ever you need to review video it's just a click away. This is also great if you travel, because your video will be recording whether your there or not. Now, you can also look into more complicated things such as remote access. But, for starters the standard system will work great!

Now, there are a few things to remember. #1, remember to set a password to your dvr so you can protect your data. #2, remember if there is footage that you may need you have to burn it to a disk before your retention expires. #3, enjoy your new dvr system.


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