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Alec Baldwin Kim Is A Thoughtless Little Pig Too

Updated on April 20, 2007

Alec Baldwin, Kim's A Thoughtless Little Pig Too! - Don't Get Me Started!

Well, well, we're obviously all starved for news when a parent telling off their kid (no matter what their celebrity status) becomes the big new story of the day. I guess we all needed a little flash and trash after the recent events in Virginia this week to get our minds back on the important things in life...watching the celebrities we build crash and burn. The thing I don't get is that I've heard (and surprised it isn't the same in Mr. Baldwin's case) parents say a lot more damaging and profane things to their kids when I'm in a store than was on this tape. And usually they're using physical force on the kids too! So I really don't understand the big fuss. However, I suspect that for the ex there's a bitter table for one reservation in her name somewhere (say in a center square on a game show). Alec Baldwin, Kim's a thoughtless little pig too! - Don't Get Me Started!

Now I loved when Baldwin and Basinger were together. To me they were one of the more attractive and "old Hollywood" in the "new Hollywood" couples. They were almost the Clark Gable and Carole Lombard of their day (if Basinger could act). So when the ugly divorce happened, I was as sad as everyone else. Yet like a traffic accident, how could any of us look away from the public jabs they hurled at one another? To be honest, much like any fight in your life, I forget what exactly they were fighting about at this point I just know that it got ugly.

Here's the deal. I live in a house with two actors in a relationship, I'm one of them. For those of you who have not done this and are considering it, I encourage you to step lightly as it is not always the easiest relationship in the world. You have two people who are used to getting applause with no one there but the cats to applaud (and you know that cats - not the ones in the Broadway show - really don't make a lot of noise when they put their paws together). So egos flare hotter, hurts hurt more and it's not at all like an exercise at the Actors' Studio with Shelly Winters and Brando. It can be a volatile mix I tell you and I'm sure the same thing happened in the Baldwin/Basinger home.

You see, although you may know in your heart that the part your spouse got was one that you could never get, it doesn't stop you from being bitter when they get a show and you don't. There's no avoiding it. There's so much rejection in show business that no matter how hard you try (and I know a lot of people lie about this) you can only be so happy for the person next to you who is now the lead and you're the second farmer on the left in the Farmer and the Cowman number. It's just human nature (unless you're Mother Teresa) that you want your spouse, friends and family to do well, just not better than you.

So one has to ask themselves if this whole recent flare up between Baldwin and Basinger has to do with the fact that Basinger "couldn't get arrested" right now career wise. I mean she is moments away from joining the next cast of The Surreal Life or Dancing With The Stars. While Baldwin is "slaying them in the aisles" on 30 Rock (with the same character incidentally he played on Will And Grace but it's still funny) in this larger than life persona he has now created for himself on the screen. I can imagine that Basinger is less than amused at her ex's recent good career fortune because the only thing worse than your spouse doing better than you is your ex spouse doing better than you.

You see we want our ex's to be fatter than us, balder than us, out of work and really just wandering life's bumpy road wondering how they're going to live without us. This is not being a bitchy queen, it's as they say in Avenue Q - schadefreude - "happiness at the misfortune of others." (No surprise it's a German word) And to a certain extent we all experience this with more than our spouses or ex's (That's what keeps the National Enquirer selling and the Jerry Springer show on the air). We love to scoff at these people and say, "Ah, at least I'm not as bad as this bunch."

I hope that we've seen the last of all of this business with Baldwin and Basinger (that is until his book comes out - yes, while doing damage control, he managed to plug his book that he's writing where apparently all will be revealed.) But I'm sure there are parent groups right now up in arms running around willy nilly to make a name for themselves while they admonish Baldwin for his "ego damaging words" he delivered to his daughter. I'm sure the Today show will have a therapist on to talk about how wounding words can be to children. (We all know that the real damage was done when they picked the name Ireland for the kid's first name!) The point is that we can all be thoughtless little pigs from time to time and sometimes we need someone to tell us that's what we're being. Alec Baldwin, Kim's a thoughtless little pig too! - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • profile image

      Riley 7 years ago

      (We all know that the real damage was done when they picked the name Ireland for the kid's first name!)

      You can tell its a stupid yank thats writing this