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All-Time National League Triples Leaders By Team

Updated on February 18, 2013

Honus Wagner

Tony Gwynn

Tim Raines

Triples are few and far between in major league baseball games. But good, fast hitters are the best candidates to hit them, and when they do it's one of the more exciting events in a baseball game. Here, we take a look at the National League's all-time triples leaders by franchise.

Arizona Diamondbacks-Tony Womack

Second baseman Tony Womack only played in Arizona for five seasons, 1999-2003, but they were during the seasons that the D-backs were a very good team. Womack was a key part of the 2001 team that won it all. He also leads the franchise all-time with 37 triples, including a career high of 14 in 2000. Womack also played for the Pirates, Cubs, Rockies, Cardinals, Yankees and Reds before retiring in 2006.

Houston Astros-Jose Cruz

Outfielder Jose Cruz was a lifetime .284 hitter who had some of his best years with the Astros, who he played for from 1975-1987. Cruz hit .292 with Houston, with 1937 hits. He also had 288 stolen bases and 80 triples. The 80 triples leads the franchise all-time, and Cruz' highest total with the team came in 1984 when he had 13. Cruz also played for St. Louis and the New York Yankees, and retired after the 1988 season.

Atlanta Braves-Rabbit Maranville

With a name like "Rabbit," you'd have to think this guy could run fast. The shortstop who spent most of his career with this franchise when they were in Boston (1912-20 and 1929-35) leads the Braves all-time with 103 three baggers. Maranville hit 20 triples while with the Pirates in 1924, but his highest total with the Braves was 15 in 1920. In addition to the Braves and Pirates, Maranville also played for the Cubs, Cardinals, and Brooklyn Robins, and retired in 1935.

Milwaukee Brewers-Robin Yount

The Brewers' all-time hits leader, shortstop Robin Yount, is also the franchise leader in triples with 126. Yount played his entire career in Milwaukee, posting a career average of .285 with 251 homers and 1406 runs batted in. Yount's best total for triples was 12 in the 1982 season when the Brewers reached the World Series, but he did have double digits in triples four different times.

St. Louis Cardinals-Stan Musial

Stan Musial wasn't nicknamed "The Man" for nothing. He was simply one of the greatest players the game has ever seen. Musial played for the Cardinals his entire career (1941-1963) and over that time amassed great numbers--.331 batting average, 475 home runs, 1951 RBI, and 3630 hits. Of those 3630 hits, 177 of them were triples to lead the franchise all-time. Musial hit 20 triples in both 1943 and 1946, and had eight seasons of double digits in three baggers.

Chicago Cubs-Jimmy Ryan

To show you how long ago Jimmy Ryan played the outfield for this franchise, it was when they were known as the White Stockings, Colts and Orphans, from 1885-1900. But Ryan still leads the franchise in triples all-time with 142, including a career high of 17 in 1897. Ryan also played for the (unaffiliated) Chicago Pirates one season, and the Washington Senators for two years before retiring in 1903.

Los Angeles Dodgers-Zack Wheat

Outfielder Zack Wheat played for the Dodgers' franchise when they were known as the Brooklyn Superbas, Brooklyn Dodgers and Brooklyn Robins from 1909-1926. Over that time, Wheat hit 171 triples to lead the team all-time in that category. Wheat hit double digits eleven times in triples, including a career high of 15 in 1910. He also played for the Philadelphia Athletics one year before retiring in 1927.

San Francisco Giants-Mike Tiernan

Outfielder Mike Tiernan played his entire career for the Giants' franchise when they were based in New York, from 1887-1899. Tiernan was a .311 lifetime batter and had 1835 hits, 162 of which were triples to lead the Giants all-time. Tiernan hit 21 triples twice in a season, in 1890 and in 1895. He also had double digits in three baggers eleven times out of his thirteen seasons.

Florida Marlins-Luis Castillo

Second baseman Luis Castillo was a spark plug for the Florida Marlins offense for several years, beginning in 1996 and running through 2005 before he went on to play for Minnesota and currently the New York Mets. Castillo hit .293 with Florida, and had 1273 hits, 42 of which were triples. Castillo never had more than 10 triples in a season, though, which he did in 2001.

New York Mets-Mookie Wilson

Outfielder Mookie Wilson may best be known as the player who hit the ground ball through Bill Buckner's legs in the 1986 World Series. At least that's what New Yorkers remember fondly. Wilson was one of the best base stealers the Mets franchise had ever seen, with 281 steals for his Mets career, from 1980-1989. Wilson not surprisingly leads the franchise all-time in three baggers too, with 62, though his career high was only 10, set in 1984. Wilson played a few years in Toronto before retiring in 1991.

Washington Nationals-Tim Raines

Tim "Rock" Raines was an explosive leadoff hitter for this franchise when they were based in Montreal, and played for them from 1979-1990. Raines leads the team all-time in stolen bases with 635, and also in triples with 82. In 1985, Raines had a career high in triples with 13. He went on to play for the White Sox, Yankees, Athletics, Orioles, Marlins, and a second stint with Montreal before retiring in 2002.

San Diego Padres-Tony Gwynn

Hall of Fame outfielder Tony Gwynn played his entire career in San Diego, from 1982-2001. Since he leads the franchise all-time in hits with 3141 and in stolen bases with 319, it's no surprise that Gwynn also leads the Padres with 85 triples over the course of his career. Still, Gwynn only reached double digits in three baggers four times, including a career high of 13 in 1987.

Philadelphia Phillies-Ed Delahanty

Outfielder Ed Delahanty played for this franchise in 1888 and 1889, and then from 1891 to 1901. He was one of the best hitters the Phillies had ever fielded, with a batting average of .348 and 2213 hits. Delahanty also had 411 stolen bases and leads the Phils all-time in triples with 157. He hit double digits in triples eight times with Philly, including a career high of 21 in 1892. Delahanty also played for the Cleveland Infants and Washington Senators before retiring in 1903.

Pittsburgh Pirates-Honus Wagner

Shortstop Honus Wagner was one of baseball's best hitters of all-time, and had a .328 lifetime average with Pittsburgh, who he played for from 1900-1917. Wagner had 2967 hits with the Pirates, including a franchise-leading 232 triples. In his first season with the Pirates, Wagner had a career high of 22 triples, and then hit double digits in that department eleven more times. Wagner also played for Louisville from 1897-1899.

Cincinnati Reds-Bid McPhee

Second baseman Bid McPhee played for the Reds from 1882-1899. In fact, McPhee played in Cincinnati when the team was known as the Red Stockings (they became the Reds in 1890). McPhee hit .271 with the team, and had 2250 hits, 188 of which were triples to lead the Reds all-time. In 1890, McPhee had a career high of 22 triples, and had double digits in three baggers nine times in all.

Colorado Rockies-Neifi Perez

Shortstop Neifi Perez played for the Rockies from 1996-2001, and since the franchise has only been around since 1993, his total of 49 triples still leads the team all-time. Perez hit a career high of 11 triples in both 1999 and 2000, and went on to play for the Royals, Giants, Cubs, and Tigers (the latter is where Perez is still an active player).


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