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All-Time American League Triples Leaders By Team

Updated on September 17, 2007

Ty Cobb

Lou Gehrig

Ichiro Suzuki

The triple is the least common of the four base hits, and it is that way because a hitter has to be mighty fast to stretch an extra base hit into three bases. Also, the home run can be accomplished by hitting the ball over the fence while the triple is strictly an in-play type of hit. Hitters who are fast typically have the most triples, but that's not always the case. Either way, here is a list of all-time triples leaders by team in the American League.

Baltimore Orioles-George Sisler

George Sisler never played for the Baltimore Orioles, but did play for this franchise from 1915-1927 when they were known as the St. Louis Browns. During that time, Sisler became one of the greatest hitters of all-time. In fact, he held the record for hits in a single season (257) until 2004 when Ichiro Suzuki broke it. Sisler also had 145 triples while with the franchise, including a career high if 18, which he had three seasons in a row, from 1920-1922. Sisler also hit a mind-blowing .420 in that 1922 season.

Los Angeles Angels- Jim Fregosi

Jim Fregosi may be best remembered as the player that was traded to the Mets for flame throwing Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan, but he also was a pretty good hitter while with the Angels. In seven seasons with the Angels (1965-1971), shortstop Fregosi hit .268 (considered a high average for a shortstop at that time) and had 70 career triples, which leads the franchise to this day. In 1968 Fregosi had 150 hits, 13 of which were triples, for a career high in the latter category. Fregosi played for the Mets, Rangers, and Pirates before retiring in 1978.

Oakland Athletics-Danny Murphy

Second baseman Danny Murphy played for this franchise from 1902-1913, when they were the Philadelphia Athletics. Murphy hit .290 with the A's over that time with almost 1500 hits (1489), 102 of which were triples to lead the team all-time. Murphy hit a career high 18 triples in 1910, and also hit 17 in 1904.

Toronto Blue Jays-Tony Fernandez

Tony Fernandez was a journeyman infielder who played for seven teams from 1983 to 2001, including four stints with the Blue Jays. Fernandez hit .297 for Toronto with 1583 hits. And while only 72 of those hits were triples, Fernandez leads the Blue Jays franchise all-time in that category. In 1990, Fernandez hit 17 triples, a career high. He also played for San Diego, the New York Mets and Yankees, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Milwaukee.

Tampa Bay Devil Rays- Carl Crawford

Carl Crawford is currently one of the most explosive players in the game, and he possesses a combination of both power and speed that is rare in a player today. Since coming up to the big leagues in 2002, Crawford has hit .296 and already has 990 hits. He also has 277 stolen bases, 62 homers and 74 triples in his career. Crawford hit a career-high 19 triples in 2004. Perhaps the scariest thing about Carl Crawford, though, is the fact that he just turned 26 in August of 2007.

Cleveland Indians- Earl Averill

Outfielder Earl Averill played for the Indians from 1929-1939 and hit .322 for the franchise with 1903 hits, including 121 triples. Averill had an incredible eight seasons with double digit totals in triples, including a career high of 16 in 1933. Averill went on to play for the Tigers and Braves before retiring in 1941.

Seattle Mariners- Ichiro Suzuki

After coming over from Japan in 2001, outfielder Ichiro Suzuki has been one of the game's most electrifying players. He's already tallied 1572 hits with a .333 batting average, including 57 triples. Ichiro hit a career high of 12 triples in 2005, but his best season overall was 2004 when he batted .372 with a major league record of 262 base hits.

Texas Rangers-Ruben Sierra

Speed was never really a strong point of any Texas Rangers teams, so it's no surprise that the franchise leader in triples all-time is slugger Ruben Sierra with just 44. Sierra played for the Rangers three separate times, the longest sting being from 1986-1992. He hit .280 with the franchise, including 180 home runs and the 44 triples. Despite the low total to lead the franchise, Sierra did hit a career high of 14 triples in 1989.

Boston Red Sox-Harry Hooper

Outfielder Harry Hooper played for the Red Sox from 1909-1920, hitting .272 with 1707 base hits. 130 of those hits were triples, including a career high of 17 in 1920, one of nine seasons that Hooper reached double digits in three-baggers. He went on to play for the White Sox before retiring in 1925.

Kansas City Royals-George Brett

Third baseman George Brett was one of the greatest hitters of all-time, and he played his entire career in Kansas City (1973-1993). Brett hit .305 for his career, including a dazzling .390 average in 1980 to help lead the Royals to the World Series. Brett also leads the Royals with 137 triples over his career, including a single-season high of 20 in 1979.

Detroit Tigers- Ty Cobb

Outfielder Ty Cobb, another of the greatest players the game has ever seen, played for the Tigers for almost his entire career (1905-1926), and over that time hit an astonishing .369 with 3902 hits and 865 stolen bases. Cobb also hit 286 triples with Detroit, ranking him first in Tigers franchise history in that department. Cobb hit a career high of 24 triples in both 1911 and 1917, and overall had four seasons with 20 or more. Cobb played for the Athletics for two seasons before retiring in 1928.

Minnesota Twins- Sam Rice

Outfielder Sam Rice played almost his entire career with this franchise when they were known as the Washington Senators, from 1915-1933. Rice hit .323 with the Senators, with 2889 hits including a franchise leading 183 three-baggers. In 1923, Rice had a career high of 18 triples, but he had 10 straight seasons with double digits in that category. Rice played for the Indians in 1934 before retiring.

Chicago White Sox-Shano Collins & Nellie Fox

The White Sox' franchise lead in triples is held by two players, outfielder Shano Collins and second baseman Nellie Fox. Collins played for the Sox from 1910-1920, hitting .262 with 1254 hits including 104 triples. His season high was 17 in 1915. Fox hit .291 with the Sox from 1950 to 1963, with 2470 hits including the 104 three baggers. Fox' career high in that department was 12 in 1951.

New York Yankees- Lou Gehrig

The incredible Lou Gehrig did it all for the Yankees over his career, and he only played for that franchise the entire time (1923-1939). Gehrig hit .340 with 493 home runs and 1995 runs batted in, but he also leads the Yankees all-time in triples with 163. Among nine seasons with double digit totals in triples, Gehrig hit a career high of 20 in 1926.


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