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All-Time NFL Passing Leaders by Team—AFC

Updated on July 12, 2007

Dan Marino

John Elway

Joe Namath

This list is based on total passing yards all-time with each particular NFL team represented by the AFC. There are some great quarterbacks on here, some of which are still active players.

Baltimore Ravens- Vinny Testaverde

Even though this franchise was the Cleveland Browns before moving to Baltimore, NFL records consider the Ravens a new team beginning in 1996. And that first year, Vinny Testaverde had a spectacular season in his new uniform, passing for career highs of 4177 yards and 33 touchdowns. He even rushed for another 188 yards and 2 TDs that year. In all, Testaverde passed for 7148 yards in two seasons with the Ravens, and that total still leads the franchise. Testaverde also spent parts of his career with Tampa Bay, Cleveland, the New York Jets, Dallas, and New England and is currently a free agent.

Buffalo Bills-Jim Kelly

While Jim Kelly began his pro career in the now-defunct USFL, he went on to have a great NFL career as well, playing for the Buffalo Bills from 1986 to 1996, and racking up 35,467 passing yards with 237 touchdowns during that time. Kelly's best season in Buffalo was 1991 when he passed for 3844 yards with 33 touchdowns and a 64.1 completion percentage. Kelly also led the Bills to four Super Bowl appearances in the nineties, but never won a championship.

Cincinnati Bengals- Ken Anderson

Ken Anderson played for the Bengals for his entire career, from 1971-1986, and is the franchise's all-time leading passer with 32,838 yards and 197 touchdown passes. Anderson's best season was 1981, when he passed for 3754 yards with 29 touchdowns and just 10 interceptions. Anderson won both the NFL MVP Award and Comeback Player of the Year Awards that year, the same season he led the Bengals to the AFC Championship and a Super Bowl appearance.

Cleveland Browns-Brian Sipe

Brian Sipe played his entire NFL career with the Browns, from 1974 to 1983, becoming the team's all-time leading passer with 23,713 yards and 154 touchdowns. He also rushed for 762 yards and 11 touchdowns over that time. Sipe's best season was 1980 when he passed for 4132 yards and 30 touchdowns (60.8 completion percentage), with just 14 interceptions to win the NFL MVP Award. Sipe went on to play for New Jersey and Jacksonville in the USFL before retiring in 1985.

Denver Broncos-John Elway

John Elway was the Broncos quarterback from 1983-1998, and they were the only team he ever played for. Over that time, Elway became one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, racking up 51,475 passing yards and a staggering 300 touchdown passes. He also rushed for 3407 yards and 33 more TDs over his career. Elway's best year was 1993, when he passed for 4030 yards and 25 touchdowns to just 10 interceptions. He also won the NFL MVP Award in 1987 and led the Broncos to Super Bowl victories his final two years in the league, winning the Super Bowl MVP in 1998.

Houston Texans-David Carr

David Carr was the Texans' starting QB his first five seasons in the league (2002-2006) before signing with Carolina as a free agent in 2007. Not surprisingly, Carr leads the Texans in passing yards all-time with 13,391 with 59 touchdowns. Carr's best season was 2004 when he threw for 3531 yards with 16 TDs, but for the most part he struggled behind a weak offensive line in Houston.

Indianapolis Colts- Johnny Unitas

The Colts' all-time passing leader isn't Peyton Manning, but instead is Johnny Unitas, with 39,768 yards through the air while with the Baltimore Colts from 1956 to 1972. Unitas is considered one of the greatest QBs of all-time as well, and his best season yardage-wise was 1963 with 3481 yards. However, Unitas' best overall year was 1959 when he passed for 2899 yards with 32 touchdowns and just 14 interceptions. He also won the NFL MVP Award three times, and led the Colts to four titles including Super Bowl V. Unitas passed away suddenly from a heart attack in 2002.

Jacksonville Jaguars- Mark Brunell

Lefty Mark Brunell has played for Jacksonville the bulk of his career, beginning with the team's inaugural season in 1995 and up through 2003. In 1996, Brunell had his best season, passing for 4367 yards with 19 touchdowns despite 20 interceptions; he also rushed for 396 yards and 3 touchdowns that year. In all, Brunell is the Jaguars' leading passer with 25,698 yards. He signed with the Washington Redskins in 2004 and is currently the backup QB there.

Kansas City Chiefs- Len Dawson

Len Dawson is best known for leading the Chiefs to a victory in Super Bowl IV, but he was with for the team for years, beginning in 1962 when they were the Dallas Texans, and played in Kansas City until retiring in 1975. Dawson leads the team in passing yards all-time with 28,507 and his best season was 1964, when he passed for 2879 yards and 30 touchdowns to just 18 interceptions. He is currently a sports broadcaster in Kansas City.

Miami Dolphins-Dan Marino

Dan Marino never won a Super Bowl, but he has the NFL record for passing yards in a career with 61,361, all with the Miami Dolphins from 1983-1999. Marino also has the single-season passing record of 5084, set in 1984 to go along with 48 touchdown passes and just 17 interceptions on his way to winning the NFL MVP Award. All told, Marino threw for 420 touchdown passes over his career, and passed for over 4000 yards six times.

New England Patriots- Drew Bledsoe

Drew Bledsoe was the Patriots quarterback from 1993-2001. During his final year in New England, Bledsoe was injured, and Tom Brady won the starting job he never relinquished. Bledsoe went on to play for Buffalo and Dallas before retiring in April of 2007. But during his time in New England, he became the franchise passing leader with 29,657 yards, including a career high of 4555 in 1994. Bledsoe's best overall season with New England was 1996, when he threw for 4086 yards with 27 touchdowns and just 15 interceptions.

New York Jets- Joe Namath

Joe Namath was and is a sports icon in New York City, and spent most of his NFL career with the Jets, leading them to an improbable victory in Super Bowl III. Namath played for the Jets from 1965-1976 and is the team's passing leader with 27,057 yards. In 1967, Namath had his best overall season with 4007 passing yards and 26 touchdown throws, and he won the AFL MVP Award in both 1968 and 1969.

Oakland Raiders-Ken Stabler

Ken Stabler played for the Raiders for most of his career (1970-1979) and is the franchise passing leader with 19,078 yards over that time. Stabler's best season was 1979 when he threw for 3615 yards and 26 touchdowns with a 61.0 completion percentage. Stabler went on to play for the Oilers and Saints before retiring in 1984, and is currently the color commentator for Alabama (NCAA) football games.

Pittsburgh Steelers- Terry Bradshaw

Terry Bradshaw played his entire career in Pittsburgh (1970-1983) and became the franchise passing leader over that time with 27,989 yards. He also led the Steelers to four Super Bowl titles, winning the Super Bowl MVP twice in the process. Bradshaw won the NFL MVP Award in 1978, but his best overall season was 1979 with 3724 passing yards and 26 touchdowns. Bradshaw is currently a football analyst and co-host of the Fox Network's NFL Sunday.

San Diego Chargers- Dan Fouts

Dan Fouts played for the Chargers his entire career (1973-1987) and is the franchise passing leader with 43,040 yards, playing in a pass-happy offense under coach Don "Air" Coryell beginning in 1978. Fouts' best season was 1981, when he threw for 4802 yards and 33 touchdowns to just 17 interceptions. Fouts finished with 254 TD passes for his career and he's had various television commentating gigs since retiring.

Tennessee Titans-Warren Moon

Warren Moon was a Canadian Football League standout player before coming over to the NFL with the Houston Oilers in 1984, and played for them until 1993, a few years before the franchise moved to Tennessee. But over that time, Moon became the team's passing leader all-time with 33,685 yards. His best season was 1990, with 4689 passing yards and 33 touchdowns to only 13 interceptions, and a 62.0 completion


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      Nashville G-man 9 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      hey Jenny.....Drew Bledsoe never played for the Bengals...he played for New England, Buffalo and Dallas. Are you thinking of someone else?

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      Jenny Gabriel 9 years ago

      Your information on the Cincinatti Bengals' all time passer is erroneous. It should list Drew Bledsoe. Bledsoe had 44,611 yards, and 251 Touchdowns! This information is available on Thank you for correcting this.