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All Prophecy Predicts This Coming Event

Updated on July 14, 2008

All prophecy predicts a massive war between East and West; how the two sides are formed, what they are like, their cataclysmic judgment by God, the consequences of the war and the world wide government set up afterwards.

All prophecy portrays this war from three perspectives.

1) God's eternal plan as viewed from Heaven

2) Satan and Man's sinful plan as viewed from the Earth.

3) The dynamics happening to God's Chosen people the Jews and to the faithful Christians as it is all worked out.

Daniel Chapter 2 gives the grand overview of how the world gets to that point. He predicts 4 empires beginning with Babylon and ending with the Roman.

The Roman Empire divides itself in half (285ad).

The Western Roman Empire devolves into weak and strong states in the fall of Rome after 476 AD.

The Eastern Roman Empire devolves into weak and strong states - in the fall of Constantinople after 1453 AD.

After 1453 each half proceeds through history in groups of weak and strong nations in various alliances and wars.

This weak and strong State period - valid for both halves of the East West divided Roman Empire - remains until they are thoroughly corrupted - and then a STONE (Jesus) - strikes them at the same time - destroying their systems.

We are in the generation immediately before The Great War. The two halves are fulfilling prophecy exactly as foretold. Furthermore, both halves - Muslim and Christian - have a prophecy history - going back 1500 yrs for Islam - and 3500 yrs for Christianity/Judaism. They see the fulfillment of their prohecies in each other's actions. These prophecies are diametrically opposed and can not be reconciled. Each believes the other to be the Antichrist.

But in fact, and surprisingly, they both are. Both East and West.

After the cataclysmic war - a new world Government forms, based on the Bible with Jehovah as God, and Jesus as Lord. The government rules from Jerusalem, and ushers in a just period known as the Millennium.

The prophecies from the Bible having been fulfilled exactly - leaves little doubt as to who's version of God, is God.

The world responds accordingly. Humanity embraces the Lord Jesus and bows to His words and understands the Jews are special. That is why it is a stone that strikes the world. Jesus is the Stone that was rejected by the builders - it is now this Stone - the Word Of God - which becomes the foundation of the world.

Israel - though faced with the greatest war in history - still stands - as a testament to God's word.

In my HUBS - I explain the verses confirming this clear and simple view of History Future; filling in the details and helping you understand where we are in time - during these last days. It is not an unknowable thing. Jesus said prophecies were given to us so that as we see them come to pass - we would believe and have faith in Him.

Revelation 19:10

...the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of the prophecy


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    • DarrellJPotts profile image

      DarrellJPotts 9 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

      Thumbs up!

      The Words of our God are flawless and true! I agree, that the testimony of Jesus IS the Spirit of prophecy. Great hubs, good work stay strong in the Word brethren because The Kingdom is at hand even more so now every day we come closer to meeting our Lord Jesus and our Heavenly Father God - The Ancient of Days :)

      c u on the streets of gold