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Aloe Vera Healing

Updated on September 29, 2007

Aloe Vera, Aloe, or Aloe Barbadensis is a succulent plant that many people have become quite familiar with. It is found in shampoos, lotions, after sun preparations-almost anything you can find in the health and beauty aisle. This is for a very good reason. Aloe is blessed with a multitude of beneficial compounds and properties.

We may or may not be familiar with aloe's benefits for the skin. Many people have an aloe vera plant sitting in the kitchen window, not as a decoration, but as a first aid kit of sorts. Aloe is sometimes known by another name, the "burn plant". A burn in the kitchen was soothed by taking a leaf, splitting it open, and applying the clear gooey gel on the inside. Did it work? You bet it did...sometimes almost miraculously.

Over the years, aloe was put in and on almost every skin ailment with good results. This is due to the fact that aloe contains prostaglandins, fatty acids, assorted minerals, beta carotene, various vitamins, and twenty different amino acids. All combined--contribute to aloe's remarkable healing ability.

Aloe has been used very successfully on psoriasis, eczema, infantile cradle cap, SUNBURN, burns, and canker sores. Internally it can be used for ulcers and inflammatory bowel disease (syndrome). Check with your physician before starting this regimen however.

Aloe gel can be found almost anywhere, as can Aloe Juice. Aloe gel can be found preserved and un preserved. Aloe Juice always needs refrigeration when opened. Take care to see what you have.

A nice burn gel to have on hand combines Lavender Essential Oil (which is also fantastic for burns) and the Aloe Vera Gel you can get in any department or grocery store.

Lavender Burn Gel

4 ounces Aloe Vera Gel (the preserved thick gel, found at the grocery store)

½ teaspoon Vitamin E Oil (again found at the grocery or health food store)

48-60 drops Lavender Essential Oil

Combine all ingredients, mix well. Put into container and store in refrigerator. This will lengthen the shelf life and be very soothing when placed onto the burn.

This can be applied liberally and often. It feels so good on a burn. Of course common sense dictates that if you have a severe burn, do not try any home remedy. It needs to have professional care.

Here is a facial mask for dry, stressed skin.

Aloe and Honey Facial Mask

¾ teaspoon Honey

1 teaspoon Aloe Vera Gel (the clear thick kind)

1 capsule Vitamin E

Mix together the aloe and honey. Break open the vitamin E capsule and squeeze into the aloe and honey mix. Stir together. Using fingertips spread over face. Allow to remain for 10-15 minutes then rinse off with lukewarm water.

There are many recipes out there for aloe gel mixes. Ranging from sparkle gel to after shave gel. Have some fun finding what suits you and your family.


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    • profile image

      no name 

      8 years ago

      how often can you use the honey face mask> is daily use excessive.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Very nice, i have been using aloe vera and vit E at night and wash it in the morning. I quite changed my complexion. I like it alot

    • Michele Engholm profile imageAUTHOR

      Michele Engholm 

      11 years ago from Hutchinson

      Thanks Bob! By the way, your hubs are the best!

    • Bob Ewing profile image

      Bob Ewing 

      11 years ago from New Brunswick

      very useful information, thanks.


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