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Am I The Only Person Who Doesn't Care How Many Men Larry Craig Slept With?

Updated on December 4, 2007

Am I The Only One Who Isn't Surprised Or Cares About Senator Larry Craig Sexing It Up With More Men? - Don't Get Me Started!

As I've stated numerous times in my blog entries, I am not one of those gays who go around thinking that every man in the world is gay or wants to be gay. I know this is not the case. So the new allegations that Senator Larry Craig has been having sex with additional men (besides the undercover cop he tried to have sex with in the Minneapolis airport bathroom) is not shocking to me and in fact, is just a little more than boring at this point. But as it's on the main page of everything from AOL to CNN online I have to wonder just why everyone else is still so interested in this guy or anyone's sexual practices for that matter. Am I the only one who isn't surprised or cares about Senator Larry Craig sexing it up with more men? - Don't Get Me Started!

Yes, I'm a gay man and sure there is a part of me that is bothered by the "holier than thou" types who vote to block or take away the rights of anyone (especially us gays). But here's the deal, we as Americans need to stop worrying about who is sleeping with whom and get to the stuff that is really important. You know, education, health care and perhaps who we're pissing off in the world now to the point that they're coming after us. I know some are going to say, that his lying is the real issue but you give me one example of a politician or even private citizen not lying at some point in their lives and I say you're a liar too! Whether it's telling a spouse they look thinner or telling congress that gays are subhuman and then trolling bathrooms for man on man sex it's really all just about degrees of lying, isn't it? And just who will decide which is worse or what degree of despicableness goes with each lie we tell? And is it worse to lie to others than to yourself? Because I've got a feeling that Mr. Craig could be doing more lying to himself than to anyone else at the moment.

I don't know when we gays went into attack mode but do we not remember our own coming out or that of our friends? Sure, for some of us it was easy. I mean, come on, I was singing to Barbra Streisand records in my mother's wig at six, doing theatre and taking dance so it came to no surprise to anyone in my family but there are others who have a very rough time of it. I have friends who have had horrible coming out experiences or even bad experiences coming to accepting their homosexuality themselves. So why is Craig different? Why do we want to attack him like the Christian right attacks us? What makes us better or more right in our attacks?

The thing we all need to start doing is living up to the standard we've been spewing for everyone else and not worry so much if they're not living up to the standard we've created for ourselves. If we're going to say that we gays need to be accepted then we gays have to accept the bodybuilder gays as well as the swishy girly gays. We have to respect the rights of others to have freedom of speech even when it's against us. And we have to stop acting as if we're better gays than Craig because we've been mated for years to the same man or give money to the Human Rights Campaign. That doesn't make us better gays it simply makes us gays that are doing what we can to promote what we think is the way to live with honesty and integrity for us.

Do I think that the men who are now stepping forward probably did have sex with Craig, personally yes I do. But I also think there's a gay rat in there. That's right, the masseuse prostitute drug dealer Mike Jones who went down on and took down Ted Haggard claims that after seeing Craig's photo in the paper he realized that he had sex with him in 2004. Oh, what a coincidence that Jones' tell all book was coming out at the same time he was coming out with the fact that he also slept with Craig. Coincidence? It sure could be but my mother didn't raise stupid children and I wouldn't be surprised to find that Jones was just trying to sell books. Once again I have to ask the question, "Is Jones a better gay because he exposed Haggard and now stepped forward to out Craig?" Or is he a bad gay because he did both those things? I guess it depends on who you're kneeling in front of, doesn't it? (Yes, both the religious and blow job images set forth from that last sentence were intended)

Am I saying we should all be running around sexing it up, lying and stealing? No. But I just think that sometimes we have to examine our righteous anger and decide what we're so angry about and if we're right to be so angry. I'm not mad at Larry Craig, I just think he's a gay man trapped in a Republican's body. Hey, if a woman or man can be trapped in the opposite body I figure this can happen too, right? And for those of you who may read this and think that I have pity for Craig I assure you that I do not. I have sympathy if he can't admit to himself or the world that he is gay but I don't pity or empathize with him. I chose to be who I was regardless of the slings and arrows that were hurled against me because that was what I chose. I don't expect or really want everyone making the same choices I made nor should anyone look down on me for those choices. I also don't want anyone judging me because I choose to be in a gay monogamous relationship instead of being the stereotypical gay slut. I don't think you should care who I'm sleeping with and I sure as hell don't care who you're sleeping with because that's your business. And yet I have to wonder how long Craig can continue to tell himself or anyone else that he hasn't slept with men. Am I the only one who isn't surprised or cares about Senator Larry Craig sexing it up with more men? - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • stanskill profile image

      stanskill 10 years ago from Greensburg, PA

      The problem with the Craigs of the world is that we don't have a true count of our numbers because of them. The ones in the closet. If we were to come out with our true numbers, perhaps the politician will begin to see that our tax dollars do add up, and maybe they were too haste in their opinion of our status. It's like were in a caste system. The only way out is to form our own subculture, like the Amish, and make the rest of America aware of our strength in this country. That's why I wrote my proposal, and I suggest coinciding proposals to map out this movement.

    • Earth Angel profile image

      Earth Angel 10 years ago

      Hey Scott!! Ms. Sequins here!! GREAT Hub!! Glad to be back!! Sorry I missed you!! I DID however take photos in my famous sweater!! I too, am tired of hearing about Larry Craig!! I thought for sure he'd be gone by now!! Namaste' and Blessings on your day!! Earth Angel!!

    • C.M. Vanderlinden profile image

      C.M. Vanderlinden 10 years ago from Metro Detroit

      I really enjoyed reading this one...and I'm with you: hearing about how many men Craig's had sex with is getting beyond boring. I do think that part of the amusement (or whatever) over the whole issue is the fact that Craig and his party push this whole religious right/family values/gays are immoral agenda, and he's found to be having affairs with men. The whole hippocracy of the situation is ridiculous, and as fun as it can be to ridicule conservatives, I do feel sorry for Craig. He's obviously been trying to pretend to be something he's not for a very long time.