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Amazon aStore - Earn money selling Amazon products

Updated on December 1, 2008 online store has an affiliate program for a long time. Every time you refer a visitor to their website and he buy something, you earn part of its value. The percentage of your commission varies according to how many shippings are made by your referrals.

For this traditional affiliate program Amazon makes available several ways of promoting products in your websites. You can make direct links, insert Amazon search boxes, Amazon widgets which dinamically load products etc. But there is an interesting way that is not so explored: Amazon aStores.

What is Amazon aStore?

The Amazon aStores are stores that Amazon Affiliates can build and promote using Amazon products and technology. The aStores have many advantages for the affiliate, as they can build a "mini-store" and direct it to a specific niche. Without having to write code. Your aStores are totally built in the Amazon affiliate area, and then you are provided with the link to your custom store, so you can promote it.

Once the visitor enters your store, they will be presented with categories and products you have chosen on the moment you created it. The categories in your store can be different from Amazon main categories. You can for instance create several categories out of a single Amazon category, each one using a different keyword.

How to select products for my store?

For every category you create on your store you can choose to fill it with products from an Amazon category (using keywords for filtering products, if you like) or pick products manually, if you want to have more control about category products.

aStores have to be on Amazon website?

On first time, yes. It uses Amazon technology, and runs on the Amazon aStore website. Amazon offers you the possibility of having it embedded into a frame or iframe on your site, which gives you the advantage of users not leaving your website while they browse the store. All seems to be happening on your website.

For those who are not satisfied by this possibility, there are some scripts that allows you to run Amazon aStores on your own website, without having to put it on iframes. Although, they are not Amazon official products; they're developed by independent programmers and most of them are not free. Some of them may be worth paying for if you are seeking to have your aStore products indexed by search engines as part of the website. Be warned that some of this solutions can lead to search engine penalties because of duplicate content.

aStores are paid separately from Amazon affiliate program?

No, Amazon pays you one time whatever the income source was. But you have access to reports for each aStore, so you can have control of which of them are getting best results, which needs promotion or changes to catch the target public.






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    • profile image

      twinky 9 years ago

      You can't change physical location of Amazon aStore. But you can change its domain name and look using free online service

    • dougmcunha profile image

      dougmcunha 9 years ago

      Your aStore is inside the website. You have to append your store ID after that.

      For example, if the ID is "laptop-hard-drive-x-20", the address will be:

    • volcomraggs profile image

      volcomraggs 9 years ago

      ya how did you get the amzon link to get on your page i have the right url but i can only see it if i am editing my page so nobody else can see it but it is not a astore gust links like yours