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America! Time To Count Your Change!

Updated on September 18, 2008

A Country Hurting

What is going on in America. The latest news is that the mortgage agencies Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are being bailed out by the government, Lehman Brothers is going bankrupt, there is concern over the stability of Wall Street stalwarts Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. And now the government is nationalizing AIG.

Now let's add these other tidbits ... Unemployment is creeping upward, China and India are competing with us over oil, helping to drive up prices and our national debt is astounding. Oh did I forget that our forces are fighting two wars in two countries, banks are going into receivership and the Almighty dollar has hit an almighty low, being surpassed for a short time recently by the Canadian Dollar.

Prepare For The Worst - Expect The Best

I think the most important lesson right now is to try to save as much money as you can and create an emergency fund that will help you cope for at least three months if you unfortunately become unemployed. Keeping your job is usually a numbers game and out of your hands. Try not to stress over it and be prepared. But stressing over something completely out of your control will wear you down. So stay positive minded. Positive thoughts do produce positive results.

Emergency Fund

We are not hopeless when it comes to saving

money on energy and fuel. Americans in general waste a lot of energy and fuel. If your on a limited budget, the saving you make by conserving energy can help you create that emergency fund that can come in handy in case of emergency. We can't just close our eyes and ignore the issues. Preparation is key.

Save Money - Prepare Your Home For Winter

With Winter coming you can do a lot of things in the home to save energy. Simple things, like turning off the unnecessary lights, Keeping the doors close (like mom used to say "go either in or out"), keeping the outside door closed can gave you big bucks on energy costs.

Do You Smell That Much?

One more tip about saving money on home fuel bills ... take a shorter shower. Don't laugh, if you take a 20 minute shower every day and you are wasting energy and water. You can cut costs in half by reducing it to 10 minutes. If you can't take a 10 minute shower you can shut the water off after getting wet, then lather, wash, turn the water on again, and rinse. Come on you can do that!

Americans have historically risen to adversity and this will be no different. We are a proud bunch but get complacent easily. Sometimes it has to affect us in the wallet or lifestyle before we put up our "dukes". Give America a challenge and she will rise every time.

America will be back, in the meantime it's time to take care and do your part. Whining about slow government process isn't doing anything won't help. Get creative and come up with some options..

There are plenty of common sense tips that can really save you on energy and fuel bills.


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