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American League Cy Young Award Winners by Year—1990s

Updated on December 5, 2007

Pedro Martinez

Roger Clemens

Pat Hentgen

For the most part, guys like Roger Clemens and Pedro Martinez dominated the AL Cy Young Award voting in the nineties, with a few one-off stellar seasons by guys like Randy Johnson and Jack McDowell thrown in. Here is a complete list of AL Cy Young winners from the decade by year:

1999-Pedro Martinez, Boston Red Sox

In the latter part of the nineties and early part of the current decade, right-hander Pedro Martinez was one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball. And in 1999, Martinez won his first AL Cy Young Award and second overall (he won the NL Cy Young with Montreal in 1997) with a season that was dominant even by his standards. Martinez went 23-4 with a 2.07 ERA and a career high of 313 strikeouts to just 37 walks in 213 innings of work.

1998-Roger Clemens, Toronto Blue Jays

In 1998, Roger Clemens won his second straight AL Cy Young Award with Toronto and fifth overall for his career. Clemens was 35 years old but still throwing smoke, and he went 20-6 with a 2.65 ERA and 271 strikeouts in 234 innings pitched. Clemens won by a fairly wide margin over Boston's Pedro Martinez.

1997-Roger Clemens, Toronto Blue Jays

In his first season as a Blue Jay, Roger Clemens won his fourth AL Cy Young Award by going 21-7 with a 2.05 earned run average and 292 strikeouts in 204 innings of work. Again, Clemens won fairly comfortably over Seattle ace lefty Randy Johnson.

1996-Pat Hentgen, Toronto Blue Jays

In a very close vote over New York's Andy Pettite, Toronto's Pat Hentgen took home the AL Cy Young Award, the first of three straight Cy Youngs for Blue Jays' pitchers. That season, Hentgen won a career high 20 games against 10 losses, with a 3.22 ERA and 177 strikeouts. Pettite was 21-8 but had a higher ERA and less strikeouts.

1995-Randy Johnson, Seattle Mariners

Lefty Randy Johnson is one of the game's greatest strikeout pitchers of all-time, and in 1995 with Seattle he won the first of his five Cy Young Awards, and his only one in the American League. That season, Johnson went 18-2 with a 2.48 ERA with 294 strikeouts to just 65 walks in 214 innings pitched. Johnson led the Mariners to the ALCS where they lost to the Cleveland Indians.

1994-David Cone, Kansas City Royals

In a fairly close vote over the Yankees' Jimmy Key, David Cone won the AL Cy Young Award, the first of his career, while with Kansas City in 1994. Cone won 16 games against 5 losses, with a 2.94 ERA and 132 strikeouts in 171 innings pitched, in the strike-shortened season.

1993-Jack McDowell, Chicago White Sox

Jack McDowell won a career high of 22 games against 10 losses in 1993, with a 3.37 ERA and 158 strikeouts. McDowell was not a flamethrower, but rather had just nasty stuff overall. McDowell finished second in the voting the prior year and this was his only Cy Young Award.

1992-Dennis Eckersley, Oakland Athletics

In 1992, Oakland's Dennis Eckersley had one of the best seasons for a reliever ever. He also became the first pitcher in history to post a 20-win season and 50-save season at different points in his career. In this season, Eckersley went 7-1 with a career high 51 saves, with 93 strikeouts and just 11 walks in 80 innings of work.

1991-Roger Clemens, Boston Red Sox

In 1991, Roger Clemens won his third AL Cy Young Award by going 18-10 with a 2.62 ERA and 241 strikeouts to 65 walks. Clemens also posted 13 complete games and four shutouts in winning by a wide margin over Minnesota's Scott Erickson.

1990-Bob Welch, Oakland Athletics

Oakland righty Bob Welch never won more than 20 games in his career other than this magical season of 1990, when he went 27-6 with a 2.95 ERA and 127 strikeouts in winning his only Cy Young Award at the age of 33. Welch won comfortably over Boston's Roger Clemens, helping his A's win the AL pennant.


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