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American Idol Needs To Leave Africa To Oprah

Updated on March 9, 2007

Memo To American Idol: You Are Not Oprah - Don't Get Me Started!

I get it, believe me, that there are children and adults the world over who are homeless, living in appalling situations and as human beings we should gather together and work to assist these children and adults. What I don't get is why there are apparently only two places for us to worry about, Africa and New Orleans. Nor do I understand what I witnessed last night on American Idol. Memo to American Idol: You are not Oprah - Don't Get Me Started!

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Before we can even get to the "big stage" there is all ready controversy this year with American Idol (and for once it isn't Randy's weight or Paula's wackiness). Did American Idol turn a complete blind eye to the nasty photos of Antonella because she was a white girl when they made Frenchie (who is black) leave the competition a couple years ago for some lingerie photos? Probably, they probably also knew that unlike Frenchie (who was talented) that Antonella was probably never going to make it to the final twelve so they may as well just let her be voted off and done with early on by America.

I don't care so much about that or the fact that they should really just send all the boys home and do the show with the girls who are so much more talented than the boys this year. It almost seems mean to keep the guys there week after week as weak as they are comparatively. What made me cringe and want to throw up a little in my mouth last night was the whole unveiling of "Idol Gives Back" an upcoming two night charity event to be featured on American Idol.

I know what you're saying, "Scott how can you be so awful, it's for a good cause. They are using some of the bazillion dollars they have accumulated for the good of homeless kids in Africa and New Orleans." Here's what gets me. First of all, the footage of Ryan playing with the children through the barbed wire was disgusting. These are children; you're not at the San Diego zoo sticking your hand in the monkey's cage. I particularly loved the part where Simon was "acting" as if he was teaching them something. This looked like a set up for a still photo that should not have been caught on any camera taking actual moving pictures because although he was sitting surrounded by kids he really wasn't interacting with them at all. The whole thing looked like it was done on a backlot at Fox studios and to make it worse; the scripted dialogue was so bad between Ryan, Randy, Paula and Simon that they sounded like bad award presenters from a People's Choice award. I say, nice try but leave the kids in Africa to someone who knows what in the hell they are doing, um hello, Oprah.

But more than Ernie and Bert (Simon and Ryan) going to Africa to help the homeless children, I'm a little tired of the fact that celebrities seem to think that the only places where there is homelessness is where their publicists tell them it looks good for them to help. Look around people. I live in Vegas where there are plenty of homeless people. I've seen them in LA and almost every city I've been to in the United States. Why aren't we helping our own? All I'm saying is that there are plenty of people to help who weren't affected by Katrina and aren't living in Africa.

Could it be that small black children are more "camera ready" to tug on our heart strings than say a drug addicted mother of three who is on the streets of LA? I'm not saying we should not be helping other countries, I'm just wondering how much longer we can walk around with our heads up acting like the world's super powerful rich benevolent relative when we have major problems in our own backyard that we don't acknowledge. Call me crazy but when we have flawed educational systems, no health care for most of America and a government that treats many of us like second class citizens who do we think we're fooling when we dress up like Scarlett O'Hara, going over to these other countries acting all rich and great with a dress really made from the drapes? I'm pretty sure they see right through us but who would say anything when they're getting our money?

We are quickly becoming the Emperor with no clothes. Will no one tell the celebrities about the children here who need to be adopted? The people here who need homes and health care? I say we should give one celebrity to each cause. Let's go ahead and give the Comic Relief people New Orleans and Oprah can have Africa (are you listening Madonna, Brad and Angelina?). And American Idol should stick to what it knows; being a singing competition and if it wants to help people with their billions of dollars, why not focus on the ones who are in the title of the show, Americans, all Americans (who by the way, don't all live on the bayou). Memo to American Idol: You are not Oprah - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • vrajavala profile image

      vrajavala 9 years ago from Port St. Lucie

      I think perhaps you could have chosen a better title.

    • profile image

      Kenya safari 10 years ago

      I think americans should be the first people to tolerate immigrants. Its a country of immigrants from europe, asia and africa.

    • profile image

      Puertorican 10 years ago


      You are not a racist when you want illegal immigrants to be sent back home. However, you surely are ignorant to the fact that Puerto Ricans are AMERICAN CITIZENS by birth since 1917 under the Jones Act!! Therefore, there is no such thing as an illegal Puerto Rican alien, we are as American as you.

    • profile image

      africa ideas, hotels and destination information 10 years ago

      You know perception is the reality.

      The kind of things i see about africa on cnn doesn't always reflect the reality on the ground. It is so diverse, and africa is not south africa. by that i mean there is more to africa than just south africa.

    • profile image

      Rose Davis 10 years ago

      I do not understand why we have to stick are nose into somebody elses problems, because it will just become are problem then. When we could have just not got into it and we can then just worry about the problems we have and not the ones that we don't need.

      Rose Davis

    • profile image

      Rose Davis 10 years ago

      I am writing you to let you know that I really feel sorry gor all the other people women , children and adults across the world that has not enough to eat or clothes to wear, but I have to say sence 9-11-02. This country has to been really losing it, gas going up and up and up. The working people are not going to be able to afford to work so far away from there home and the places close has all the workers and they are not hiring. So what is the blue collar worker suppost to do? What they are doing now. We have our love ones in iraq, why? we don't start the fire it nis really

    • somelikeitscott profile image

      somelikeitscott 10 years ago from Las Vegas

      Okay, you've all got me, I know nothing about the situation in Africa other than I laughed, I cried, I bought a (red) Nano to support the cause.

      Honestly was just trying to try and see the humor in it all.

      Andy, I get where you're coming from but when you are me - A short Jewish guy who has been in a monogamous gay relationship with a six foot black man for over 18 years - making us THE poster children for hate crimes, I can say whatever I want without anyone playing the "racist" card with me. (One of the few perks)

      Everyone take a deep will okay, honest. And visit my site for more Scott at

    • profile image

      Andy 10 years ago

      I agree with the idea that there are many places other than Africa and New Orleans that need help.

      BUT, you are not allowed to express that opinion. Whenever I do, I am called a racist. If I said to someone "why are we sending billions to Africa when there are children in Minnesota who do not have food and clothing?", there is a better chance than not that I will be called a racist. It has happened too many times.

      It is the same reaction that I get when I say that I do not like illegal immigrants. When I point out that there are upwards of 12-20 million FELONS in this country who should not be here, I am called a racist. It does not matter that I dislike the illegal Canadians and illegal Puerto Ricans as much as the illegal Mexicans.

      People yell "RACIST' to quiet people who they feel may be correct in their opinion...

    • profile image

      sama 10 years ago

      What do you know about Africa. You dont knowg anything but just what your jorcks of politicians and oprah and Bono are telling you. We are happy people and lot of discgading things about africa is bullshits. Go and you will love it. Please let africa to african.

    • profile image

      ckl 10 years ago

      Why do you think Oprah is more qualified to deal with Africa? Why not say leave Africa to Bono? And, is "qualification" even necessary?

      I don't doubt that Simon and Ryan were genuine; perhaps their clumsiness was as a result of having the cameras there and needing to "pose" for pictures.

      Africa is a life or death situation; any help is vital. I don't think we have the luxury of demanding "qualification". At the end of the day, despite their apparent clumsiness, American Idol's efforts will save lives.