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Americans And Their Holidays

Updated on February 19, 2008

Americans And Their Holidays - Don't Get Me Started!

Yesterday was another "President's Day" and so many had the day off work, school, from banking, mailing and whatnot. I was not one of them. And you know what? I'm okay with the fact that I didn't have the day off for a holiday that frankly I just don't understand (and I'm sure I'm not alone on this one). I get why we need to celebrate the day we declared our independence and I get honoring a man like Martin Luther King, Jr. but it just seems to me that once they started creating these mega-holidays (holidays that encompass more than one person, place or thing) that they just lost their punch along the way. I think we're supposed to be celebrating George Washington and Abraham Lincoln's birthdays all on one day, isn't that what it's supposed to be about? Perhaps the reason I really don't know is because it isn't commercial enough. Maybe we need the retailers to jump on this holiday. Maybe we need the fake wooden teeth (made out of wax like remember the old wax lips that were so much fun to wear around but come on who ever wanted to eat or more to the point chew them? They tasted like crap!) or for Lincoln they could make stove pipe hats (akin to New Years Eve hats) with a hat band that says, "I Freed The Slaves...Sort Of" I guess my whole point is that everyone around my office was quite disappointed about not having the day off for President's Day and I just have to wonder about Americans and their holidays - Don't Get Me Started!

Around my office many were offended. That's right, offended to not get the day off...with pay. They kept asking up until the very last second on Friday and even yesterday it would seem they were trying to still get the day off, take a longer lunch or leave for the day a few minutes early. I get liking to have time off and no one can deny that we as Americans take work way too seriously and work more hours than anyone since my Jewish ancestors built the pyramids (the only thing stopping them from working longer hours was that they couldn't work by night or maybe it was that Hyme's deli that opened near the mud pits - who can really say for sure?) But the people around my office were incensed about having to work on a so-called holiday and it made me get even more rebellious from the throng. You see I doubt any of them have any idea what went on or what the celebration was supposed to be, they just knew that J. C. Penney had some swell "door buster" savings if you got there the first two hours of the day. If the retailers really wanted to help out, they'd make customers name at least one president before getting the 20% off of the plasma TV screen that was marked up three times anyway.

I just wasn't about to buy into the holiday victim role that everyone seemed to be subscribing too. It was all too, I don't know, Eyore from Winnie The Pooh for me. You know, people saying things like, "My cousin, he's a postal worker and he even has the day off. Oh bother." Come on, with everyone using electronic mail and FedEx do the postal workers really work that hard anymore? The last effort my carrier put forth was to leave me an envelope asking for $.13 she had paid on my behalf so some circular I didn't care about wouldn't be returned to the sender. (As if I cared but as a matter of record, I left her a quarter!)

Two points to be made here. One, I can't stand people who immediately cast themselves as victims because they don't get everything they want exactly when and how they want it. And two, I agree we as Americans work too hard but if we weren't so busy caring about having a nicer car than the people who live next to us, thinking we can get rich when we become famous as the next American Idol or worse, making gazillionaires out of rappers and Britney when we wouldn't even want to sit next to them at the free clinic for fear of what we would catch, then we wouldn't need to be working so hard or need so many official holidays. Holidays should be special, not just a day off. So (get ready for my Oprah moment, in three, two...) make your own holiday when you need it. Take that "personal" day off work or even just take one day next weekend that is all about you. Celebrate yourself whether your boss gives you the day off or not. And for you people who make and maintain the holidays, let's either celebrate things when they happened, know who or what we're celebrating or decide not to celebrate them anymore. Don't put Washington on top of Lincoln (because from the looks of it we all know Lincoln seems more like a top). If you want to celebrate these men for their accomplishments, either give them their own days or just put them on a stamp! Americans and their holidays - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • profile image

      Pawan 9 years ago

      I am serving in Indian Army and my basic pay is Rs 3560/-. What would be my revised pay after 6th pay commission

    • Isabella Snow profile image

      Isabella Snow 9 years ago

      LOL! It's funny.. I don't even notice Valentines Day living over here. Holidays were invented by Hallmark, Im sure of it. ;)

    • In The Doghouse profile image

      In The Doghouse 9 years ago from California

      My Aunt used to do this very thing... she would call them "Murphy Holidays". lol