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Andy Griffith Show Memories : Episode #32 - Bringing Up Opie

Updated on February 28, 2008

Bringing Up Opie


Aunt Bee thinks that the environment at the jail is a bad influence on Opie.

Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 32

First Aired: May 22, 1961

Writer: Jack Elinson, Charles Stewart

Director: Bob Sweeney

Cast/Crew/Guest Stars

Ron Howard (Opie Taylor)

Andy Griffith (Sheriff Andy Taylor)

Don Knotts (Barney Fife)

Frances Bavier (Aunt Bee Taylor)

Hal Smith (Otis Campbell)

Mike Brent (Boy with Apples)

Episode Summary

When Opie appears to be picking up some bad habits, such as handcuffing his friends to the flagpole at school, Aunt Bee insists that Opie stay away from the courthouse. Even though Opie stops by the jail almost every afternoon, Andy reluctantly agrees that Opie should indeed avoid the kind of influences the courthouse and jail offer. Opie is not too happy about the new situation either. He begins spending his afternoons at home. It doesn't take long for him to get bored and end up getting into trouble. After an investigation of an abandoned mine, he winds up asleep in the back of truck. The driver takes off without knowing Opie is in the back. He eventually is dicovered and reunited with his family, although with some explaining to do. Aunt Bee realizes that Opie was probably just in need of spending some time with his father and agrees to let Opie spend some time at the courthouse, provided a few changes are made - no more handcuffs, and no hanging around Otis when he has a "snoot full."


  • The series was filmed entirely in Hollywood, at Desilu Productions on the former RKO Pictures lot. Mayberry exteriors were shot on the former Selznick International Pictures lot, later known as Forty Acres. The rural fishing hole that opened each episode was Franklin Canyon Lake, just north of Beverly Hills. Franklin Canyon was also the site of the show's Myers Lake and other outdoor locales.
  • The whistled theme song, "The Fishin' Hole" was composed by Earle Hagen (the music coordinator and famous whistler of the show) and Herbert Spencer, with unsung lyrics by Everett Sloane. Hagen also wrote the music for the series.

Andy: "If I catch a certain little boy handcuffing another little boy to a flagpole, he'll not only be planting spinach, he'll be eatin' it standing up."

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