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Annoying People #9 Phillip Fulmer

Updated on October 15, 2008

Next entry of annoying people is Coach Phillip Fulmer of the Tennessee Volunteers. Big Phil comes in at #9 on my list. The number 10 spot is held by MCCain and Obama.

This man has been the coach of the vols since Johnny Majors left back in 1980. He has an impressive record, good recruiting record, but in recent years he has gone from gold, to cold. In the ever competitive SEC, the vol fans expect their team to win year in and year out. And in the past they have been able to do so, only having problems with florida and georgia on a regular basis.

In recent years his discplinary tactics have earned him scorn and laughter. From letting drunks play, to non existant punishment for violaters of the law, to shady recruiting practices, he has lessened his hard line he used to take. When he took over from Majors, the vols were undisciplined and rowdy. Fulmer got tough then, but over the years, winning has become more important then school image.

The way he has coached in recent years are also annoying. His play not to lose philosphy has cost the vols quite a few times, and almost got them more times last year. It beat them against UCLA this year in the opener. His media interviews he seems to deflect the questions and refuses to take the blame for the failing of his team and coaching staff.

Now that clemson has an opening, maybe its time for fulmer to seek more orange pastures.


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