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Another Postal Increase And I’m Just As Confused

Updated on May 19, 2008

Well, the United States Post Office has done it again. Apparently the increase happened a couple of weeks ago but like most things, I didn't realize it until I encountered it. Now I'm one of those people who like getting mail and sending mail. I'm almost a little offended by the term, "snail mail" as I think getting a letter (when it isn't a bill or an advertisement for something I really don't want) is a romantic thing. Yet time and time again those zany postal people force me to lose it when all I want to do is mail a freakin' letter! Another postal increase and I'm just as confused - Don't Get Me Started!

Here's the deal USPS - you need to just stop with all the pretty graphic stamps unless you're going to put the price on the face of them. I have no idea how much Peter Pan or Ella Fitzgerald was worth so I couldn't possibly know if I'm putting enough postage on my mail at this point. If I were Oliver Stone I'd think it was a conspiracy but honestly, does anyone NOT have a drawer full of stamps that are supposedly worth something but you have no idea their worth? (And I'm not talking in a collecting stamps kind of way.) I'm sure to someone (like the one who created this increase) this whole thing makes sense but I'm telling you that to the rest of us, it makes no sense whatsoever. And don't even get me started on all the two cent and four cent stamps I bought to supposedly make Judy Garland more worthy of getting my mail to the right place during the last postal increase which happened when...twenty minutes before this most recent one?

I mean at this point, what they should be doing is at the very least letting us paste our old stamps into books to hopefully get enough for that Hamilton Beach blender we don't want to spend money on but at some point will need to make smoothies or margaritas. (Yes, this was a reference to the old S&H Green Stamp books - if you are too young to understand this reference I suggest you Google it)

Like I said, I'm a letter writer from way back. I still have a drawer of personalized stationery I use to send people letters. And I'm proud to say that my letters read differently from my emails. You see, emails are meant to be concise communications (are you reading this all of you people who send lengthy jokes or emails that are so long they feel as though I'm getting another crappy holiday letter in a Christmas card from you?) but letters, ah...letters can be flowery and descriptive as they are meant to be read with a cup of tea and produce a warmth that comes more from reading the letter than from the beverage.

So I'm trying desperately to help you postal system but I've never been someone to stand by and help someone self-destruct which is exactly what it looks as if you're trying to do. I can't and won't be your enabler USPS! Oh sure I'll keep mailing letters but I won't get suckered in by your Daffy Duck with no price in the corner or try to figure out if the card I just bought has the correct circumference to get regular first class postage or if I have to put every black Jazz artist stamp I've ever purchased on it so that it reaches its destination. But I'm a Jew so I can't throw those stamps away either. So I guess I'll just over postage everything, allowing this one aspect of my life to be lived to excess. After all, I all ready bought the stamps and since I don't have any idea how much they're worth I won't mind putting them all on the next letter I send. Of course anything that might have to be mailed to our government (the ones who created this mess) they should expect to see the front of the letter covered in two and four cent stamps, because well, Judy Garland whatever the price you put on her is just too good for you. Another postal increase and I'm just as confused - Don't Get Me Started!

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    • Frieda Babbley profile image

      Frieda Babbley 8 years ago from Saint Louis, MO

      I love this rant! Fabulous! And you're absolutely right. I feel so stupid that I never thought of it, but yes, I mean really, how much does it cost them to print all those fancy shmancy stamps. The cost goes right on to us. It's like those places that send you return labels or calendars or whatnot to donate. I'm talking before you've even made a donation. Sure, advertising, but think of how much money they'd have if they didn't an just asked you for some.

      Oh and the funniest thing... You think you're confused; have you seen the postal workers trying to figure this out? They can't. Months later and they still can't. And if they can, it's because costumers figured it out over and over and over again in front of them till they had it memorized. ...

      Well, great topic. Thanks for writing it. It was an enjoyable read for this morning and got me going nicely.