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How can we question God?

Updated on April 15, 2013

Answer to "Questioning God" of Patience Virtue. This hub is inspired with the question of "Patience Virtue" and meant to be answer for that.

"Questioning God" is a big statement for a believer. However we should understand that a person who is questioning has no responsiblity till he/she finds the God. It does not make any sense to limit a person with the information he does not know. Those people who are thinking "they are already believer" are included in the lsit of "ignorance" relative to God. Anybody who thinks that he completed his faith and knows everthing about God should be very careful in this path. Information which is given to us is not as much as a needle in the ocean comparing with the knowledge of God. Therfore at every level proper questions will advance us further or fail us if we can not handle the answers.

In high school when we are solving a science problem we are assuming all kind of stuff while studying and learning. There are no limits for questions. The more we ask the more we learn. Then what is happening to us that we stop all this methodologies while investigating about God. Please remember all that science stuff is a small part of the knowledge over there. Yes "ASK QUESTIONS! YOU WILL BE GIVEN", but...

First we have to anwer this question : "What is our intention?". If it is to find God and able to submit when you find God, then we are on the right track. However if we are not able to accept after learning the truth, then we should not bother to search at all. Just stay where we are and do not repel ourself further from God. It is possible that the time did not come yet.

Asking questions. Before we ask a question we should be sincere to ourself first and to Almight after that. Here Almighty is not coming first because we are in process of finding him.

How can we be sincere? It is very simple to find out if we are asking questions with a right intention or not. Sometimes my son ask me if he can do this or that. When I say 'no' he reacts with an attitude. Then I ask him 'Did you come to ask me or you came to teach me how give what you wanted?' . Are we trying to build up a "God" that would please us or are we trying to find the truth that always existed even before our existance. Then, how can we limit the answers of these questions?

Let us put the things in order. We are trying to understand God. Let as extract the most common and simple facts to start. Ofcourse we have to overcome our childhood's brainwashed way of thinking and limits without worry. We are talking about God. God is the one who is the most supreme and most powerful and wise. Do we agree with this. İf the answer is "NO" or "MAY BE, I AM NOT SURE", then we have to stop here, Because there is nothing we are looking for yet. I assume the answer is "YES". Then, follow up question is "Is this the God, who created us and everyhing we know and we do not know?", the answer is "YES". Now we can start searching correctly.

As you can see the problem will not be the answers, it will be us, who are not ready to handle the answers. Are we able to leave our errogance and center of the universe (as individual or as all human) and search to follow the true path?

For example if the answer says (please be patient these are just to show us how we cannot handle the answers) "you and everybody will be stone forever" or "you are nothing" or "be an animal" or "burn". I can hear that big "NO WAY!". See! we already know the answer, then what are we looking for?. Similarly many of us without based on knowledge would say "God is Love". (I am not arguing the answers yet, please keep reading). How do you know that God is love? If he is not "Love" then what? Will you return this God to the store and ask for a refund? Will you change your party and vote for other God?

Now we get lost. Why? Because we are not looking for an answer. We are a small point in the time line and in the universe. We are trying to find what we are and who is the creator. However we can not go beyond that small point of ours. Please, we have to open our mind.

Did I confused you? If you were afraid of leaving your wrong answers, yes! you should be confused. But there are answers more than confusion.

I would like to stop it here before we can talk on "How to distinguish the answers?".

If we change our mindset and start looking for the truth which is over there that was before us and will be after us it will not be a difficult process. We should remeber that the truth will be truth regardless of our contribution or acceptance. The answer is not diffcult to find, if our mindset is not blocking.

One last thing: Try to find God without hiding behind of encoded words and books. Find with your experience first, then you can testify if this or that has truth in it or not. After that you can be witness that they are "Holy" or not. The methodology other way around is not a healty one.


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